Our newest features offer greater accuracy with the addition of pay types in timesheets, more flexibility in Schedule visibility, and more convenience to your payroll processes.


Apply pay rates, review hours, and export it easily with our time tracking updates.

Weekly Hours (2)_Option 4_SPACE
Overtime Rules

When a certain number of hours are worked, Assignar will trigger a new pay rate based on the rules you choose. Get more specific with daily, weekly, and weekend overtime rates.

Weekly Hours (2)_Option 2
Weekly Timesheet Review

Review total weekly hours for all of your workers. Click into a worker to see a breakdown of their hours in various pay rates. Export the timesheet data or sync it automatically with our integrations.

Scheduler Enhancements

We've reduced the steps it takes to find what you need.

Scheduler - Showing workers hours

You’ll no longer need to switch between sorting and grouping resources on the Scheduler to find where your resources are. We’ve consolidated it all into a search bar. Filter the Timeline view by worker or equipment and easily search for the right one on the roster.

Our Newest Integration


Using the accounting software Quickbooks Online to track payroll and pay invoices? Say goodbye to double-entry and send timesheet data automatically, so you can get your people paid faster with our newest integration.

Assignar will pull over your projects, resources, tasks, and more from Quickbooks Online, so you can schedule work and send field data back.



Choose & Use Your Data


Sharing data from the field regularly with clients? Using a BI tool like Tableau to analyze data and inform business decisions? You’re going to love our upcoming data-share feature.

Choose the Assignar data you want to share, and at what intervals, with clients and access at any time. Data is accessible via a link and will upload into a browser or BI tools.