Say Goodbye to Email Attachments

What if you could share the field data Assignar collects with stakeholders through a live link, instead of PDF reports? And choose what data you want to share and when you want it to share it?

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Instant Data Sharing

We're are removing the steps that make sending and receiving job site data so tedious and time-consuming: no more downloading and uploading reports. Keep clients and owners updated and do one less thing manually with the newest feature from the Assignar Labs.

What is it?

You will soon be able to select the data sets Assignar collects, like timesheets, checklists, dockets, and share it with project stakeholders through a link that opens in BI tools like Tableau OR in a browser. Data can be automatically updated and sent daily, or you can choose when it is accessible and for how long.

Data Share Feature

What is Assignar Labs?

Your input informs the way we build Assignar. Now, you can experiment with upcoming features. Assignar Labs is a place for innovation, driven by customer feedback, so we can better support the way contractors work.