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How Stefanutti Construction Gets Hours Back in Their Day with Assignar

Stefanutti Construction, a family-owned Civil Contracting and Plant Hire Company established in 1997, has established a strong presence on the South Coast of NSW. With humble beginnings, the company has grown its fleet to over 65 heavy machinery items and expanded its workforce to over 100 skilled staff members. One of the key factors setting Stefanutti apart from its competitors is its commitment to quality service and hands-on client engagement. Despite their success, operational challenges emerged due to inefficiencies caused by manual allocation and scheduling processes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhanced Visibility and Communication
  • Reduced Administrative Burden
  • Efficiency in Scheduling

When texts can’t cut it

Before implementing Assignar, Stefanutti Construction relied on traditional methods such as whiteboards and Excel spreadsheets for workforce and machinery allocation. Additionally, the process of individually texting workers for shift assignments resulted in a heavy administrative burden, especially as the company’s workforce grew substantially. This manual approach led to a significant number of calls and texts, causing confusion and inefficiency. The company recognized the need for a more streamlined approach to enhance its operational efficiency.

Everything in one place

Seeking a solution to address these challenges, Stefanutti Construction adopted Assignar, a comprehensive workforce and asset management software platform. Assignar’s capabilities aligned with the company’s requirements, offering features like real-time allocation, scheduling, and communication. The platform’s ability to eliminate paper-based processes and centralize allocation was a perfect fit for Stefanutti’s evolving needs.

The implementation of Assignar at Stefanutti Construction was met with a positive response from the workforce. During the initial onboarding phase, an SMS was sent out to encourage staff to download the Assignar app. The adoption rate was impressive, with the majority of the workforce embracing the new technology within a short timeframe. The easy transition onto the platform indicated that Assignar had quickly become an integral part of the company’s operations.

“Our operations have changed dramatically because of the Assignar app. My phone is less busy with scheduling calls and texts. It makes life easier."

Optimizing Allocation

Assignar’s scheduler provided increased visibility of the workforce’s location, enabling efficient allocation and reallocation of machinery and personnel. This improved visibility facilitated better communication between management and workers, ensuring a clear understanding of client expectations and job requirements.

The process of allocating crew and machines became streamlined, resulting in more efficient scheduling. What used to take hours of back-and-forth communication was now accomplished in a fraction of the time. All allocations were dispatched by midday, significantly reducing the need for last-minute changes and rescheduling.

Automated SMS templates reduced the need for manual texting and calls, easing the administrative load. Workers could confirm their shifts immediately through the app, reducing the need for follow-up communications.

The transition to Assignar allowed Stefanutti Construction to allocate more time to value-added tasks and business development management, thus improving overall operational efficiency.

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