Stefanutti Construction allocates their workers and machines more efficiently

Updated on September 21st, 2022


Stefanutti Construction is a family owned Civil Contracting and Plant Hire Company, who has had a prominent presence on the South Coast of NSW since it was established in 1997. Stefanutti begun operations with just 2 dump trucks and now comprises of a fleet of over 65 items of heavy machinery and over 100 staff.

Stefanutti’s quality service and highly skilled operators differentiate them from their competition. As a family business, Stefanutti ensures that they are hands-on with their clients by spending a lot of time with them in any way possible on their projects. Having previously ventured into the ACT and Victoria, today, Stefanutti has increased their scope of work across NSW partnering with local councils and Tier 1 contractors on major infrastructure projects throughout the state.

We realised we needed Assignar due to operational issues arising from bottlenecks in our business. Assignar was the best fit software as it provided a platform to streamline our operations and transition away from paper-based allocations and scheduling.

Allocating and Scheduling with Assignar

Assignar’s allocation module is the main feature that we are using on the platform. We are able to see where all our workers are, swap them and allocate machines accordingly. The increased visibility we have of our crew enables us to interact and communicate better with our team. Through the Assignar app, workers have a clear understanding of our Client’s expectations, where they need to be, and who they need to contact on each shift.

Prior to Assignar, we used a whiteboard and an Excel spreadsheet to plan and schedule our crew and machines. This was followed up by individually texting workers to inform them of their jobs and shifts. With our business growing and crew climbing to over 100 in a short space of time, this lead to hundreds of calls and texts coming through in relation to shift confirmations or changes. It quickly became apparent that this was no longer feasible. With Assignar we have personalised SMS’ templates to send to our crews and our workers can confirm immediately on the app.

“Our operations have changed dramatically because of the Assignar app. My phone is less busy with scheduling calls and texts…It makes life easier”

Scheduling our crew and machines can be very time consuming. Before Assignar we struggled to get the allocations out before 4:00pm and would be making changes for the next 2 hours afterwards.  Now we have all the allocations out by midday at the latest. With everything sent out in the morning, you eliminate the back and forth of questions and rescheduling.

Rolling Out Assignar

We have had a great uptake from our crew with the implementation of Assignar. In the initial onboarding phase, an SMS was sent out on the weekend to encourage staff to download the app, and by Monday morning only 2 staff hadn’t downloaded yet. It has been an easy process transitioning our staff onto the platform, and it has become a staple to our business operations.

“Introducing Assignar has increased and improved our efficiency. Our team are able to invest more time in business development management and value adding tasks for Stefanutti.” – Nathan Thompson, Allocator

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