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No Office, No Problem: Deverni's Success Story


Deverni, a civil contractor based in New Zealand, faced the challenge of building a business during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a mobile company, they needed to find paperless solutions and overcome logistical restrictions caused by the pandemic. Additionally, the uncertainty around underground utilities made it crucial for Deverni to adopt a safe and efficient method of excavation.

Key takeaways

  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Simplified client communication
  • Improved negotiations 

The Challenges from Being Mobile 

James Ironside, the Operations Manager at Deverni, has 25 years experience in civil construction. When he joined the company, it was just an idea. However, together with his partners, they transformed Deverni into the operation it is today.

Deverni specializes in hydro excavation, a non-destructive method of digging using water blasters and vacuum technology. This method allows them to uncover underground utilities without causing damage to electrical or plumbing systems. 

It was a unique feat to grow a business like this while adapting to the challenges brought by the COVID-19 restrictions. It required Deverni to adopt a paperless system to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. They wanted a solution that would allow them to manage their mobile workforce without the need for a physical office space. They also needed a system that could provide real-time information and streamline their invoicing process.

Agility with Technology 

To James and his team, Assignar was the perfect solution – a comprehensive software platform that could fulfill their requirements. Assignar helped the Deverni team to build their company by enabling them to adapt to the paperless era. As a mobile company without a conventional office, the ability to collect, manage, and invoice job-related paperwork through Assignar proved to be a game-changer.

Previously, Deverni would use Outlook to send job details to crew members and wait for them to email back paper job dockets. With Assignar, everything became live and interactive. The system facilitated coordination and communication between the field crew and the office. Workers could submit job information in real-time, and James could instantly access it for invoicing purposes. This eliminated delays and allowed Deverni to provide faster and more efficient service to their clients.

Deverni often dealt with reactive clients who needed immediate solutions, such as repairing damaged power poles. These clients did not have time to wait for extensive underground locates and plans. Hydro excavation, made possible with Assignar’s support, emerged as a quick and safe option for Deverni. The system enabled them to handle on-site changes and assign crew members to specific project areas, ensuring accurate job allocation.

"Having options that we're able to grow into and build with has been a big advantage for us." - James Ironside, Operations Manager

One Software to Do it All  

Since adopting Assignar, Deverni has experienced significant improvements in their day-to-day operations and overall business growth. The company now has better visibility into client information, allowing them to negotiate rates based on job volume per client. Assignar’s reporting capabilities enable Deverni to track their progress and compare their performance year by year, aiding the decision-making process for business development and fleet expansion.

The shift from manual processes to Assignar drastically reduced the administrative burden on James and his team. The system’s ability to generate custom electronic job dockets simplified client communication and eliminated the need for multiple paper documents. This streamlined approach ensured that the right information was readily available to both the crew and the clients.

Deverni’s success story is not only about streamlining their operations, but also about creating a safe working environment. By using Assignar’s forms and features, Deverni can focus on the health and safety of their team members. The platform allows them to record essential field information and generate reports that support compliance with industry regulations.

Assignar proved to be a flexible solution for Deverni, as it provided the necessary customization options to fit their specific business requirements. Unlike other software options they considered, Assignar offered a comprehensive set of features that covered their needs as an hourly-rate-based company.

Deverni’s partnership with Assignar has been instrumental in their journey to success. By leveraging Assignar’s capabilities, Deverni was able to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic and establish a robust paperless system. Assignar’s real-time collaboration features, intuitive workflows, and custom reporting capabilities have significantly improved Deverni’s overall business performance, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

As Deverni continues to grow and expand their fleet, Assigner remains a trusted partner, adapting to their evolving needs and empowering their operations.

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