Mann Group uses Assignar to improve job costing and efficiency

Mann Group uses Assignar to improve job costing and efficiency

MannGroup is a well-established Sydney based demolition contractor. The company values their staff and takes pride in their low staff turnover, reliable service and a tranquil working environment where safety is priority number 1. Manngroup is certified for ISO 9001, AS/NZS 4801 and ISO 14001.

“At Manngroup we use quite a number of forms. Daily plant checklists and annual leave forms are 2 examples of our most used forms. Our workers can submit every form in Assignar’s Worker app. Results appear in the dashboard automatically, everyone in the office has access to completed forms seconds after it they have been submitted. For instance, when a daily plant checklist has been submitted that shows a defect, office staff receives a notification and can schedule maintenance for the machine.

“Before we were using paper logbooks in machines, we had to decipher handwriting, and we were always weeks behind. That whole process is done much quicker now, keeping our fleet well maintained.”

“We have about 80 staff members using the app. For them, Assignar has saved them a lot of time. It took a few toolbox meetings to show the guys how to use the app. But most of the guys are fairly tech savvy and were able to run with it within minutes. The older guys took a little bit longer, but for them, it’s second nature as well now.

“They fill in their timesheets in Assignar as well, now we process the payroll within 4 hours instead of a couple of days it took to decipher handwritten paper timesheets. Not everybody’s handwriting is great, the foreman had to sign off and then bring the timesheets to the office, All that has been taken care of in Assignar now. Instead of payroll taking 3 steps, it’s only 1 step now.

“Our job costing has become a lot accurate. We capture labour hours and machine hours much easier. We can pull clear reports per product within minutes. It gives us and our customer a lot more clarity of what goes in the invoice. Every timesheet and machine allocation is retrievable in a clean report. It’s good for us, and a great service for our customers.” Richard Isaacs – Manngroup

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