I Can Dig It Excavation uses Assignar as their central hub of information between the office and the field

Updated on February 14th, 2024

I Can Dig It are local experts in all things excavation with a wide range of earthmoving equipment servicing the Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast region. Their dedication to high-quality work and the enduring links they have built within their local community is what sets them apart from their competition.

Jobsite Digitisation – An industry movement

We realised we needed an operations platform to stay relevant in the industry. Going digital is the way the industry is moving and being an early adopter in this space helps us maintain our competitive advantage. Prior to implementing Assignar, we were a bit behind the times and used a pen and paper method of allocation paired with sending individual texts to all our operators regarding their shifts.

“I have saved 5 hours from my daily allocation routine.” – Bronson, Operations Manager

I used to stay up until 10:00 pm sending out text messages to our operators informing them of their jobs and shifts. Now all our operators are notified by 5:00 pm via Assignar’s bulk SMS feature and they can confirm via the app. In addition, all our allocations are processed through Assignar and our operators submit their timesheets and dockets through the mobile app.

Quicker time to corrective action

All our safety and plant maintenance forms which used to be on paper are now on Assignar. Our operators submit their SWMS and pre-start forms via Assignar, which is particularly great in giving insight into when our machines are due for service. Now, that we don’t need to wait for paper logbooks to come back to the yard with our machines, we can take corrective action immediately once notified via Assignar.

Assignar is our Central Hub

Managing over 30 trucks, excavators and posi-tracks all located on different jobs is challenging. But now with Assignar as our central hub, our team has all the information they need on their phone. From pre-start forms, SWMS to timesheets and job details. The biggest thing about Assignar is the assistance we receive from our Customer Success Manager. She is always willing to help us maximise the platform for our business. It’s not just the solution that suits our business, it’s the service we receive from the team as well, that makes Assignar an awesome solution.

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