Transforming Operations and Safety Management at Aussie Excavators Plant Hire

Aussie Excavators Plant Hire, a family-owned business operating in the earthmoving industry, has been serving the Brisbane and South East Queensland region for over three decades. Their commitment to exceptional customer service, reliability, flexibility, and safety has helped them stand out in a competitive market. To ensure their continued success and future-proof their operations, the company recognized the need to integrate technology into their processes. Leanne Sullivan, Director of Aussie Excavators Plant Hire, and her team set out to find a comprehensive digital solution that could streamline their allocation, compliance management, and safety processes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Streamlined Compliance Management
  • Enhanced Mobility and Allocation
  • Improved Operational Efficiency and Growth Potential

When Calls & Texts Slow You Down

The company had been using a server-based allocating software that was becoming inefficient and limited in its capabilities. Communication was primarily reliant on calls and texts, while essential safety forms and timesheets were paper-based. The office was inundated with physical paperwork, making information management challenging. Additionally, compliance management, involving safety documentation and competencies, was a manual and paper-driven process. The need for a more flexible, efficient, and modern solution led them to explore cloud-based options.

Information on the go

After extensive research, Aussie Excavators Plant Hire identified Assignar as the ideal solution to address their challenges and enhance their operations. Assignar offered features such as digital timesheets and forms, compliance management, asset management, and real-time allocations. The cloud-based nature of Assignar allowed the team to access critical jobsite information on-the-go, eliminating the need for office-bound updates.

“Given the distribution of our jobs, our operators used to come back to the yard once a week to drop off their pre-starts, timesheets and fuel sheets. Now we receive all this operational and safety data in real-time.” - Lis Bowden, Health & Safety Officer

More than a scheduling Tool

Digitizing Compliance Management: Assignar facilitated the company’s transition to a paperless environment by centralizing all safety documentation, including licenses, tickets, and verification of competency (VOC) records. The platform’s mobile app enabled operators to access their competencies, safety forms, maintenance history, and plant risk assessments conveniently. To ensure compliance, safety forms became compulsory upon timesheet submission, resulting in real-time data availability. This transition empowered the fleet manager and workshop advisor, enabling them to receive pre-start form results immediately and contributing to improved safety oversight.

Allocating with Mobility: A key challenge of the previous system was its clunky nature and limited mobility. The legacy server-based system necessitated printing allocations, leading to challenges in scheduling, operator competencies, and last-minute changes. Assignar’s mobile capabilities transformed this process, allowing allocators to access live scheduling data anytime, anywhere. This shift significantly enhanced visibility, communication, and the ability to adapt to changes swiftly. The scheduler also served as a business development tool, aiding business development managers in tracking availability and resource scheduling for tenders.

Onboarding and Implementation: Assignar’s onboarding process was efficient, with online training sessions conducted by a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Over three months, the team phased out the old system while integrating Assignar seamlessly. The system’s user-friendly interface and the accessibility of the Customer Success team via phone, email, and intercom contributed to a smooth transition. Modules were tested, team members were trained, and toolbox talks were conducted to ensure all stakeholders were comfortable with the new platform.

Results and Future Outlook: The implementation of Assignar brought about transformative outcomes for Aussie Excavators Plant Hire. The company’s operations became more streamlined, efficient, and responsive to changes. Real-time data availability improved visibility, communication, and decision-making. The platform played a role in winning significant tenders, underscoring its advantage as a business development tool. The commitment to technology and innovation not only elevated their operations but also positioned the company for future growth and success.

“We have used Assignar in our bigger tenders and won them, and I do think that having Assignar has been an advantage.”

Ditch the Paperwork

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