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Operations managers run on Assignar

From dispatching compliant crews and assets, to project progress and actuals.

Learn how operation managers use Assignar for:

  • Compliance
  • Scheduling & dispatching
  • Health & safety
  • Project progress & actuals

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Stay in control of all projects

Gain visibility in multiple projects, at once.

Manage compliance and maintenance

Manage your entire operations from one place. Know your business capability in real-time so you can assign compliant crews and assets to the projects you have won.

Schedule compliant workers with well-maintained assets

Put your resources to work. Efficiently assign the best crew and equipment to each task to become more productive.

Stay in control on the jobsite

Remove all paperwork from the field. Alert your crew about any actions, issues or incidents as they happen. Receive forms and timesheets in real-time.

Meet project deadlines and budgets

Track how projects are progressing. See how to utilize your crews and assets at their greatest capacity to increase profitability.

“The platform has made my life so much easier to manage our equipment and staff. I am able to see what is happening on a weekly or monthly basis and plan ahead accordingly.”

Rebecca – Hi Range Crane Forks

Run your operations on Assignar

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