Assignar Integrations

Effortlessly sync data from your ERP and accounting systems into Assignar with a few clicks and flow valuable field data back just as fast, so you can more accurately cost jobs and get people paid.

What is the integrations Hub?

Through partnerships with the ERP and accounting systems you love, we've made it easy to flow data in and out of our platform without you having to do things like double-entry or double-checking. We have a suite of integrations that differ based on the way the data transfers. Some are automatic, while some are import/export. Learn more below!


Just like it sounds, these integrations work by importing resource data from accounting solutions into Assignar and exporting timesheet data out.

Quickbooks Online
Quickbooks desktop
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Third Party Integrations

MYOB Stratus

Public API

We built Assignar on a public API, which allows for bespoke integrations with the other software products your company relies on. Now, it's easier than ever to access scheduling functionality and time-tracking data with Assignar's integrations.