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Improve productivity and profitability with Assignar + Acumatica

Create more efficient and accurate workflows between the office and field and expedite paymentS

ERP data such as worker and equipment definitions, cost codes, and work orders flow directly into Assignar’s planning, optimization, and tracking solution

Timesheet and completed work data can be fed back into Acumatica for payroll and invoicing

Enjoy a more holistic view of your business’s financials and operations

Improve efficiency

Get a more complete view of your business with this integration that automatically ties together two of the most important elements of a project: budget and schedule.

Expedite payments

Promote accuracy of your data throughout both systems by eliminating errors caused by manual data entry and cut back on discrepancies that cause delays.

Increase Productivity

The real-time flow of information allows you to make better, more informed decisions faster that keep the project on schedule and within budget.

Bridge the gap between Accounting and Operations

Acumatica and Assignar enable a complete modern operations management solution with key differentiators including:


  • Bi-directional integration with Acumatica Construction Edition
  • Built by construction for the industry
  • Born in the cloud
  • Mobile-first with a focus on supporting fieldworkers
  • Integrated solutions with proximity-based scheduling for visibility into the field
  • Robust scheduling module with mobile and drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Enterprise-grade reporting and analytics
  • Multilingual Fieldworker App
“With Acumatica we have a single source of truth that’s actionable, which cuts down on errors, cuts down on confusion, and ultimately makes us more profitable.”
Shel Waggener

President, American Asphalt Repair & Resurfacing

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cut rework by 30%

95% of critical info on the go

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