Work-flow Software for Builders

Updated on April 6th, 2022

Workflow software for builders blends the responsibilities of classic project management with the expertise and skills needed to manage construction projects. Building projects are dynamic – one day the project is amid excavation, then iron work starts. In order to be effective at his or her job, a project manager for a builder needs a wide array of abilities and skills so they can manage diverse teams and projects that range from a residential renovation to building a multi-story office building.

What to Expect from Software for Builders

Builder’s software offers a construction company extraordinary benefits. Top-of-the-line builder’s software helps grow your building company by handling many various aspects of your construction business. Items that are controlled using software for builders include:

  • Payroll
  • Scheduling of manpower
  • Scheduling of equipment
  • Ordering of supplies
  • Creates preventative maintenance schedules
  • Keeps compliance data up-to-date
  • Is cloud based for access from anywhere with internet access
  • Offers many more benefits

Assignar is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) for builders. It gets the right workers paired up with the right equipment so that projects are completed as scheduled. It also keeps track of hours worked, equipment maintenance, and much more. All the information needed to determine workforce productivity and project profit and loss are easily retrievable using Assignar.

Anatomy of a Project on Assignar

Assignar is a tool for workforce and asset allocation and planning. Builders that use the tools associated with Assignar Builder’s Software find projects are less likely to suffer the foibles found when Excel spreadsheets are used in place of an automated project management like Assignar. Projects flow as follows:

  1. Start/edit a construction project – allows for checking on availability of construction equipment and workers as well as any specific job requirements.
  2. Schedule and allocate tasks and forms – this step allows for asset allocation, worker allocation, suppliers, and tasks and form needed for project completion.
  3. From start through project completion – this step allows for the retrieval of forms and checklists on site. Also provides a method for Workers to submit their time and cost allocation in real-time from the Mobile App. Everything related to a project is stored in a single place and is easy to retrieve. Reports using Assignar are customizable and allow for data visualization as well as Excel format reports.
  4. Convert project data into invoices and payroll – allows for pay rates for workers according to pay rules such as union pay scales, minimum wage rules, OT rules and more. Project managers can also add charges for invoicing for items such as machine delivery/setup, supplies and then push the information into your accounting system. Assignar is highly intergrable with most popular accounting software.
  5. Invoices generated by your accounting software are complete and have all supporting documentation. Submit once and get paid.

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