Why Contractors should use a Digital Pre-Start Inspection Form

Why Contractors should use a Digital Pre-Start Inspection Form

Successful construction companies may perform routine tasks in unique ways, but all know the importance of maintaining equipment. Equipment covered by a maintenance policy and process enjoy longer useful life has less costly downtime and improves employee safety

One aspect of an Asset Management System is the pre-start checklist. Before a piece of equipment is moved or goes into service for the day, the operator must complete a thorough inspection known as a pre-start inspection. The purpose of the pre-start checklist is to stop and make your employee think – is this equipment safe to use? Another benefit of the pre-start checklist is that your employees can identify small problems before they become big ones. One more important benefit of Pre-Start Checks is that the inspection uncovers defects that might cause damage to the equipment if it is started.

What Goes into a Pre-Start Checklist?

Some construction companies try to standardize the Pre-Start Checklist so that one form works for equipment from nail guns to cranes and everything in between. Other companies prefer separate checklists for each type of equipment used on the site. Assignar makes it easy for your company to customize pre-start checklist forms specific to your company.

The sample form below is used for pre-start checking of heavy earth moving equipment.

Contractors who haven’t embraced technology often collect these forms from clipboards that each operator has. Unfortunately, human beings tend to place importance on data based upon how it is collected, stored, and managed. This thought process diminishes the importance of a pre-start checklist that is manually completed, stored in a file folder, and almost never is audited.

That is a lot of work for information that doesn’t help your construction company grow.

Automated Start-Up Checklists

Assignar is a cloud-based construction management software provider. One of Assignar’s features is its automated start-up checklists.

With any device that can access the internet, equipment operators can complete the pre-start checklist, transmit it the central office. There, it is automatically scanned and if a repair or maintenance is needed, office gets an instant notification to schedule the time, day, and location of the repair is. Then sent to the operator who can make arrangements to have the equipment sent to the repair or maintenance location.

Data collected, transmitted, stored, and managed electronically doesn’t become lost – in fact, it automatically is pulled into other reports.

Other benefits of Digital Pre-Start forms include:

  • Single entry data entry
  • Real-time analysis of defects
  • Geo-location of data entry – Through GPS tracking you will know the time and place the checklist was completed.
  • ISO 55000 Compliance

Assignar is a company devoted to simplifying the construction business with software and apps that automate many processes from the boardroom to the field worker. Request a demo

To learn more about the benefits and uses of pre-start checklists download our e-book.

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