Take 5 Safety Checklists Automated Increases Jobsite Safety Awareness

Take 5 Safety Checklists Automated Increases Jobsite Safety Awareness

Five Minutes To Enhance Jobsite Safety Awareness – Take 5 Safety Checklists

Designed to help eliminate in one ear and out the other safety chats, Take 5 safety checklists promote assessment over intuitive action. Everyday shortcuts in safety don’t really get the tasks finished quicker. In fact: compromised safety often leads jobsite injuries, instant delays and even long-term project hindrance.

All contractors acknowledge the importance of on-site construction safety. However, the need-for-speed combined with autopilot work practices can quickly evolve into daily lapses in safety-related behavior and judgment. Take 5 checklists help employees refocus on safety as well as job completion. It’s about prompting the human brain so as to enhance daily awareness of potential construction safety hazards.

Take five minutes to help your workers and subs:

  • Reshape daily thought processes
  • Restore routine safety-focused work habits
  • Reduce the possibilities of worker injuries
  • AND Return the focus to enhanced awareness of potential safety hazards.

With the right processes, monitored by the right construction operations management software, you can make it all happen in as little as five minutes per day.

Take 5 Risk Management – Active Jobsite Safety

Take 5 and other safety awareness programs promote worker involvement in ongoing construction operations safety processes. It’s about active jobsite safety practices wherein workers, subs and even visitors participate in the identification and control of all matters pertaining to jobsite health, safety and environmental hazards. But they also zoom in on safety issues specific to location, time and activity.

Safety Steps Directly Engaged Via The Basic Take 5 Process

Safety Toolbox Talks help contractors increase workplace safety awareness. Take 5 follows the same vein of thought. Herein are the five primary steps of the Take 5 safety checklists process:

  1. STOP – It’s about holding off on the job just long enough to become fully aware of all associated potential dangers
  2. LOOK – Visually observe possibilities and identify any hazards.
  3. ASSESS – Consider any threats of injury or property damage associated with the identified hazards
  4. MANAGE – Take control of the situation, implement proper risk-reduction management processes, and release hazard notification to all concerned persons 
  5. SAFELY – Accomplish the job with confidence personal risk factors are well under control.

Take 5 For Safety Via Comprehensive Document Management Systems

Take 5 safety checklists encourage contractors, subs, and the other workers to remember the importance of awareness in basic safety of operations. It’s a quick way to help your company reduce and avoid workplace injuries, include those that could have resulted in long-term hospitalization or even death. You want to get the job completed on time. Take 5 processes help ensure that you get the job completed safely.

But to be effective, every construction operations process must be documented, tracked and analyzed for compliance. This means you need access to a comprehensive construction document management system. Assignar workforce and asset allocation and planning can fulfill that requirement. Construction contractors use Assignar to dispatch workers, manage assets, provide up-to-date relevant documents and ensure worker and sub compliance to the existing jobsite safety structure.


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