Subcontractor Efficiency – Advancement of Technology to Streamline Business

Updated on April 7th, 2022

Incomplete Integration of Technology May Hinder Operational and Subcontractor Efficiency

In recent years, the construction industry has reaped great benefits from the integration of modern digital and communication technology. Yet with all the focus on buzzwords, electronic gadgets and narrowly-purposed apps, some contractors miss out on finding the right construction software for operations management. And then, rather than gaining the benefits of integrated technology, they end up ramming head-on into unexpected dead-ends that require even more purchases of narrowly purposed management tools. Thus the effort to streamline business defaults to a cluster-mess of half-functional hardware and software deficiencies.

It’s like fueling up a vehicle with a low-grade product wherein your truck functions but with a bit of knock. Or using petrol in a diesel engine wherein you then encounter major and destructive performance issues. On the other hand, if you purchase only one type of fuel you end up limiting your options in usable equipment.

So what type of cloud-based software best fits the construction industry?

Integration of Comprehensive Construction Technology Streamlines Operational and Subcontractor Efficiency

The same principles of application to purpose, goals and functionality as applied to fuel selection hold true when selecting and implementing modern construction operations management technology. Just because a certain app, gadget or hardware resource is part of the current technical chatterbox is no evidence of that product’s usefulness to your overall construction operations.

For example, several accounting packages offer some components that can be useful in promoting better subcontractor efficiency. Those same packages likely even offer some means for monitoring vendors and suppliers. But running an efficient and profitable construction operation demands many more features and control processes than those limited features available through the average every-business accounting software package. To effectively integrate modern technology into current construction operations, contractors need access to comprehensive and reliable digital technology that enables management, field crews, subcontractors and vendors to embrace:

Streamed Business Plant and Asset Management

  • Scheduled maintenance reports
  • Effective real-time collection of machine pre-starts and checklist returns
  • AND Visualized data comparisons, compliance reports and corrective actions.

Streamlined Business Workforce and Field Mobility

  • Rapid dispatch and monitoring of workforce and other assets
  • Automated collection of timesheets and forms
  • AND real-time communications.

Streamlined Business Sharing and Tracking

  • Licenses and certifications
  • Equipment maintenance scheduling and reporting
  • AND Real-time and automated updates to any and all other documents.

Streamlined Business Subcontractor and Supplier Management

  • Collect real-time data, update records and ensure supplier compliance
  • Monitor subcontractor performance and activities
  • AND Automate record updating, including client-to-contractor communications, vendor pre-qualifications, payments and comparison of budget to live field data returns.

Streamlined Business Accounting and Analytics, incorporating

  • Accuracy in invoicing
  • Accuracy in payroll processing
  • AND Reliable backtracking and confirming project to budget efficiency.

It’s about passing up-to-date information from hand to hand, ensuring that the workers, subs and vendors closest to the action remain on track and on schedule. And if it sounds like we are saying that you can have at your disposal a cloud-based mobile-featured construction operations management software that not only satisfies your need to improve subcontractor efficiency but that will also ensure that you don’t dead-end on technical integration options, you read correctly.

Today, the Assignar construction operations management software offers a complete and comprehensive solution in workforce and asset allocation and planning, custom document generation and real-time interaction with multiple existing operational-specific applications. Isn’t it time for you to implement the Assignar construction management solution?

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