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Assignar Introduces A New Subcontractor Daily Report App

Software that automates the subcontractor daily report processes may not eliminate every GC-to-sub operations conflict, but long-term improvements begin with better management of immediate basic procedures.

In this business, success demands ready-access to a platform that helps contractors and construction professionals manage every aspect of the operation. As industry leaders in the development and implementation of construction operations management and application software, Assignar delivers real-time solutions to current and projected obstacles to efficient construction operations functionality. Herein are the details of our newest product, an up-to-date and improved subcontractor daily report app.

Benefits of the Assignar Subcontractor Daily Report App

Every great construction industry software tool begins by offering the automated population of the fundamental metadata. In this, you get accuracy punctuated by speed and reliability. Automated input:

  • Saves time
  • Eliminates double data entry
  • Simplifies paperwork
  • Improves communications
  • Enables effective management of individual subs
  • Eradicates the complications of mixed formats and multiple report processes
  • Promotes accurate application and tracking of cost codes to hours worked and equipment usage
  • Advances on-time payment
  • Reduces time waste in administration and organization
  • Promotes effective collaboration and partnerships
  • More.

General Data Collections Associated with the Assignar Subcontractor Daily Report App

Make life easier for your subcontractors. Every daily report expects certain repeat information. After a spreadsheet printout or on a handwritten report is viewed and acted upon, the collected data typically passes into a state of dormancy within a standard green or gray file cabinet. The Assignar Subcontractor Daily Report App makes certain that stored data remains ever vibrant, easily accessible and fully integrated into any other necessary components of the construction operations management and procedural processes.

Our app collects, stores and retrieves:

  • General contractor details
  • Weather
  • Start-to-stop timekeeping
  • Work locations
  • Task descriptions
  • Task classification
  • Number of workers
  • Hours worked
  • Included safety processes, infractions and/or incidents
  • More.

Assignar software is all about workforce and asset allocation and planning, project safety and compliance, real-time interaction between workers, dispatchers and project management. To find out how Assignar’s construction operations software can help your firm gain actionable insights in real time, request your Assignar demo here.

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