Running Your Construction Business with Daily Reports? Start using a digital daily report app

10 Benefits of Using a Construction Daily Reports App

This article is for contractors who are tired of battling through the inherent bugs associated with hand-produced construction daily log processes.

Whether dealing with pen-to-paper, automated spreadsheets, or even custom-programed applications, isolated daily reports provide insignificant support for your need to collect, store and track project progress. When digital tools lack integration features, they stand alone, and they usually serve a single purpose application.

Digital construction daily reports app eliminates the segregation and the associated roadblocks that hinder the creation of an efficient and effective daily log system. It’s time to reap the benefits of:

  • Faster notes
  • Instant access to photos, tasks and submissions
  • Personalized professional-looking reports
  • Real-time submissions, storing and retrieval of critical data
  • On-site access via computer, tablet or mobile device
  • Flexible, project-focused formats
  • Auto-generated weather reports
  • Real-time GE-to-subcontractor collaboration and coordination
  • An intuitive entry system
  • AND automated integration into the number one operations software platform for self-perform contractors and subcontractors in construction.

8 features to look for when selecting a Daily Log App

Why fumble with inferior construction daily reports templates? Digital apps should be simple to operate, focused and easily integrated into a full-function construction operations management system.

Here are some critical items included you should look for in a Construction Daily Log App, including a few tips on how the data can help you to better track individual project progresses.

1) Site Location and Associated Weather Conditions

Knowing who is at work on what site defines your labor charges. Knowing current and site-specific weather conditions defines the expected productivity rate.

2) Scope and Status of the Work

Having real-time access to the scope and status of work in process permits rapid response to negative events, stalls and safety issues.

3) Subcontractor Workforce

It is all about real-time monitoring and compressions of scheduled services and workers. Know day-by-day which subcontractor is on site, completing tasks and accurately recording available workers.

4) Productivity by Quantities

Efficient construction daily reports track essential productivity by quantities on hand versus projected performance and days on site versus qualities on hand.

5) Documented Hours Worked

Knowing how many hours your crews are putting in enables better planning, organizing and evaluation.

6) Possibilities of Delay

By tracking the likes of unexpected weather, no-show workers, and other unforeseen delays, a Daily Log App promotes better projections of potential delaying events.

7) Status of On-Site Equipment

Real-time knowledge of when your construction equipment is engaged or idle enables better evaluation of productivity. But it also red-flags problems, delays and a need for immediate or future change orders.

8) Significant Events

Failure to track significant events can make or break your profit margin. Our Construction Daily Reports App makes simple work of sharing details for changes associated with significant events.  

9) In-The-Field Meetings

Job sites can be plagued by the unexpected. In-the-field meetings must be documented, even if those meetings do not result in an operational change. digital daily reports cover the meeting, sharing of the details and all necessary follow-up processes.

10) On-Site Deliveries

Missed deliveries hinder schedules. However, even on-time deliveries must be documented. Do not lose track of your materials. Know when it arrives, where it was stored, and who did the receiving.

11) Toolbox Talks and Other Safety Issues

We all know the cost of workplace injuries. We also understand the importance of documentation of Toolbox Talks, safety reports, and incident tracking. Get the construction daily report app that automates the documentation and sharing of all your job site safety issues.

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