Strong Communication In Construction Improves Efficiency, Quality And Profits

Updated on March 24th, 2022

One of the toughest issues that both large and small construction companies wrestle with is clear, concise communication. Effective communication can make a world of difference in terms of teamwork, project excellence and profitability. Miscommunications, on the other hand, tend to lead crews to become less efficient, redo work, and not achieve the quality they’re capable of accomplishing. By incorporating construction software such as Assignar’s Worker app, communication streams with key personnel can put everyone on the same page.

Defining Duties and Responsibilities

On any construction project, there are areas that intersect and it’s important for members of specialized crews to understand when and where their work begins and ends. In many cases, site foreman and supervisors are called on to make decisions about tasks. When communication breaks down, higher level supervisors may actually be called to the job to make decisions.
This type of communication breakdown can be avoided by creating an online resource where key stakeholders can access documents and agreements that clarify their responsibilities and timelines. With Assignar software, decision-makers can provide pertinent information to laborers, skilled workers and subcontractors. Keeping everyone on task and on time improves efficiency.

Making Schedule Changes

Anyone who has lengthy experience in the construction industry understands that the train does not always run on time. Last-minute reschedules by subcontractors and skilled technicians who juggle multiple projects are commonplace. In fact, the idea of a crew standing around waiting for someone who isn’t coming can be quite real. In construction, there are numerous outside forces that cause subcontractors to prioritize other projects. Whether it’s an impending storm or another high-end client’s demands, scheduling has a certain fluidity that companies must take into consideration. Having a single resource where information can be logged, updated and accessed can help avoid unnecessary setbacks.

Real Time Adjustments

When the unexpected does happen, the Worker app allows supervisors to reorganize the workforce and assets on the fly. Whether you have 20 employees or 2,000, just about every one of them will own a cell phone that the app can be installed into. Sending out alerts and important messages can help keep the train rolling down the tracks by diverting company resources to next steps. Tying everyone together will help you avoid people standing around getting paid to drink coffee.
Professional Communications
When people create an unexpected change in schedule or cause a project’s timeline to shift, that can be frustrating. Platforms such as Assignar allow you to send bulk emails, text one-on-one or with groups. It’s important to keep all communications on a strictly professional level. Allowing emotions to creep into messages and discussions opens the door to similar responses. You may want to take some advice from the “Godfather” movies and remember Michael Corleone’s famous line, “It’s not personal, It’s strictly business.” High level, professional communications that deal in facts set a company-wide tone that underpins the expectations, attitudes and lets people know where the bar has been set.
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