Safety Topics for Tool Box Talks in 2018

Toolbox Talks – Supplemental OSHA Health and Safety Training

A well-planned approach to health and safety Toolbox Talks can help ensure that supers, foremen and workers keep a firm grasp on OSHA health and safety programs. It’s a form of safety training that eliminates the rigors of a classroom. Contractors use Toolbox Talks as an OSHA training supplement designed to help keep organizational safety up front in the minds of the jobsite workforce. It’s about bringing teams together in a comfortable environment designed to help leadership present and share a short pre-crafted text on a few specific safety concerns.

When accomplished correctly, construction Toolbox Talks serve to increase employee awareness of current workplace hazards and how to best ensure that the specific hazards can be brought into compliance to OSHA regulations. However, these short and open sessions do preclude the requirements for official OSHA health and safety training programs.

Toolbox Safety Topics That Make Great 2018 Lead-ins

Perhaps you already realize that options for Toolbox safety topics stretch into the hundreds. The range can focus on almost any single component of workplace safety, from insect stings to poison ivy and from driving in bad weather to operational safety of an onsite excavator. Thus we understand the enormous scope of any chat about great 2018 Toolbox lead-ins.

For a comprehensive list of documented free OSHA Toolbox Talks, check out OSHA Training Free Toolbox Talks. This site offers access to OSHA monthly Toolbox topics dating back to 2012 and beyond, each offering a short two or three page safety chat program on a specific topic.

But to help you crank up your 2018 Toolbox discussions with the basics, we offer a few easy starters.

Silica Dust Awareness – A Toolbox Talk Designed To Cover

  • The dangers of working with concrete and masonry products
  • The effects of exposure to crystalline silica
  • Associated operations such as abrasive blasting, drilling in concrete, jack hammering, rock dumping, and more
  • Use of proper respirator protection
  • Ensured access to a controlled environment for eating and drinking
  • AND many other points.

Stretch and Flex – A Toolbox Talk Involving Basic Exercise

A few years back according to Florida-based Tampa Tribune business news, one of the largest construction firms in the nation, Skanska USA, activated stretch and flex into the daily safety routines (Tampa Airport Construction Crew Starts Day With Exercise). After the Talks, the company experienced a sixty-six percent decrease in worker back injuries. Soft tissue injuries dropped by seventy-three percent, and company confidence in and exercise-focused Toolbox Talk took major praise.

PrimeBuild, Commercial fitout – Australia uses Assignar to manage workplace health and safety.

Wearables – Toolbox Talks With A Focus On Wearable Safety Gear

Here we are talking about topics with a focus on personal protective gear. Covered items should include:

  • Face respirators
  • Eye protection
  • Hand protection
  • Hearing safety
  • Safety boots
  • Prevention of back injuries
  • AND other forms of safe and proper work clothes.

Assignar Safety Resources…

Among the many features provided by the Assignar construction operations management software package, you will find unique tools specifically designed to help contractors craft, organize and activate an effective 2018 safety Toolbox Talks program.

Learn more by checking out, "Construction Toolbox Talks – How to Manage Toolbox Activities." Make Assignar your go to for effective construction safety management and compliance resources.


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