Road Safety Is More Than Just Statistics

As National Road Safety Week comes to an end the message remains clear, we all play a crucial role in ensuring that everyone, from traffic controllers to cyclists to truck and car drivers arrive home safely.
Last month, Workzone Traffic Control, a South Australian based Traffic Control company hosted a Success in Safety event in celebration of Road Safety Week. Guests extended from partners, suppliers to local police and paramedics. Darren Davis from the Get Home Safe Foundation stressed the importance of empathy and shared grief during the event. As citizens of the road, we do not need to hear statistics about injuries or fatalities to feel that loss and grief. At the end of the day, a life is not a number, it’s not a statistic, it is a loss of a human being just like us. This is why over 40,000 people have taken the pledge to keep our roads safe. Take the pledge now.

Workzone is also silver sponsors of the Get Home Safe Foundation. The Foundation understands the need to educate all generations regarding road safety and this is reflected in the programs they deliver and support, also being addressed from new angles, through families, sporting clubs, car clubs and other volunteer groups as well as Government and corporate sectors. Their presence was paramount to setting the intentions of Workzone’s Success in Safety event.
Furthermore, the Honourable Minister Corey Wingard MP addressed the event with a commitment to safer roads whilst infrastructure projects continue to be a major part of the State Government’s recovery plans. In addition, Infrastructure SA’s Capital Intentions Statement of 2021 highlighted that “the priority for the Government is to create an expanded pipeline of infrastructure projects over the current forward estimates to support jobs and economic growth. This has resulted in the four-year investment program now totalling an unprecedented $16.7 billion over the period 2020-21 to 2023-24.”

Workzone’s commitment to safety is as strong as its commitment to strengthening the community and the industry. Workzone have been long-standing members of the Civil Contractors Federation of South Australia (CCF SA) as well as founding members of the Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMAA). Workzone understands that engaging with key associations is crucial to drive industry agenda and be the voice of traffic management and road safety.
During the event, Andrew White, Managing Director of Workzone announced their expansion into Northern Territory, their launch as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for traffic management and Workzone Signs and Equipment opening.
Diversity plays a major role in Workzone Traffic Control’s expansion plans. Currently, Workzone Traffic Control has over 150 employees, 13% of which are from Indigenous communities and 42% are female. A traffic controller named Melissa from the Arabunna/Dieri mobs of Northern Central South Australia presented a gift to Workzone, an artwork representing her people and the way that they give thanks through water and art. The artwork represents positive energy flowing upstream, through her and downstream to others. The touching gift was given because Workzone took her under their wing, as someone with no traffic control experience and upskilled her to success. This success story is hoped to be replicated through their new RTO and also in Workzone Territory.

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