Our newest capability allows you to easily turn bid items into trackable units of work, so you can create complete work packages and get real-time updates from the field to the office.

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Are you experiencing any of these?

Incomplete Information

Relying on outdated reports or infrequent updates can lead to major headaches. You need a clear picture of what's happening on the jobsite, right now.

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Communication Gaps

Misunderstandings and missing details between the field and office can derail projects and blow budgets.

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Surprises on Invoices

Invoice time shouldn't be a guessing game. You deserve to know exactly where your money is going.

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Inaccurate Estimates

Without clear data on progress, it's tough to pinpoint areas for improvement and ensure future bids are on target.

Progress Tracking tackles these challenges head-on, helping you:

Get Real-Time Updates

Get daily status reports with fieldworker input on hours worked, equipment usage, and units completed. No more waiting for the end of the week (or month!) for a progress report.


Streamline Communication

Build work packages with all documents, drawings, instructions, and even forms readily available in the mobile app for workers. Everyone's on the same page, from the start.

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Gain Complete Visibility

Track progress against your bids with built-in or custom activity codes and quantities. Turn those bid items into trackable activities so you can see exactly how your project is unfolding. No more scrambling to understand where your budget stands.

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Build Client Trust

Generate transparent order progress reports with photos and verified work for a more professional presentation to your clients. See everything in a clear Order Summary page, making it easy to communicate progress and stay on the same page.

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See How it Works


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Discover how real-time construction tracking can revolutionize your projects with increased visibility, collaboration, and trust.

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