Lean Construction Improves Efficiency And Productivity

Updated on June 22nd, 2022

A Close-up Look At How Lean Construction Can Promote Better Productivity and Efficiency

Simply said, lean construction defines a process dedicated to reaping client-side maximum value in the wake of minimized project waste. Yet from a practical point of application, implementation of the principles associated with lean construction can get complicated.

Crafted after the popularization of lean manufacturing spanning back to the post WWII Toyota Production System, lean construction encounters various complications not common to the manufacturing industry. Rather than taking place in a controlled environment, construction operations often encounter unpredictable patterns of workflow, scheduling and monitoring options. New tools and operations software for construction contractors are designed to help companies better manage construction-dedicated operational processes. Yet to be most effective toward a lean construction program such tools must also offer automated real-time adaptable with integrated analytics and cross-reference functionality. Effective lean construction promotes better efficiency and production via:

  • Advanced cost cutting management
  • Reduced waste in time, labor and assets
  • AND implementation of a more holistic methodology in construction project delivery.

Adaptations and crossovers between Lean Manufacturing and Lean Construction include:

Adopting A Client-Vision of Value

The client vision of value is seldom limited to plans, specs and delivery. To adopt the client viewpoint of value, construction contractors must also learn to establish an early focus on the client’s concepts of:

  • Budget management
  • Communications
  • Issues pertaining to trust and relationship
  • Quality performance
  • Timetable expectations
  • AND the client concept of individual identities, including how they relate to architects, engineers, owners, stakeholders, subs, suppliers and the general contractor.

Adopting A Client Value-Stream Process System

Adapting to a client-vision of value serves little purpose unless you can accurately deliver a process system that that fulfills that value-stream. Evaluate the value process. Map out an effective course of action. Eliminate any steps in labor, equipment, information or materials that fail to enhance the client value-stream process expectations. Lean construction is a process wherein construction contractors eliminate:

  • Defects – And the associated expenses of repair and correction
  • Overproduction – And the costs of task overlap and rescheduling expenses
  • Waiting – As in the time your workforce stands idle due to late arrival of materials, equipment and supplies
  • Wasted skill sets – Wherein highly trained workers are not performing tasks that could have been handled by basic construction labor
  • Transportation – As in the unnecessary expenses accumulated due to inefficient dispatch of equipment, supplies and other assets
  • Inventory control – Shifting to a JIT rather than a JIC inventory solution
  • Motion management – Wherein poor scheduling and dispatch results in excessive movement, workforce, asset and materials fail to arrive at the right place at the right time
  • Excess handling and processing – Such that all the other failures result in too many instances of wasted time, workforce, equipment and supplies.

Construction Operations Software Advances Goals of Lean Construction

Lean Construction aims to help contractors attain a more reliable and predictable workflow process. It is about effective planning and scheduling so as to eliminate downtime while promoting more efficient jobsite productivity and quality in a safe and reliable operations. Avoid the waiting. Avoid the rush. Eliminate the lack of communication. Make necessary adjustments in a timely and efficient manner. Learn and grow from each new day and each new form of awareness.

Effective Lean Construction never comes easy. But you can lower the learning curve. Modern contractors use the Assignar workforce and asset allocation and planning software to supercharge productivity in the construction industry. Check here to learn how Assignar can help your company get into Lean Construction cheaper and faster.

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