How Do You Know You Have The Right Skilled Labor For the Right Equipment?

Skilled Labor, Crucial To Effective Use Of Equipment and Supplies

In the vibrant dynamics of modern construction, a shortage in skilled labor can quickly lead to excessive accidents, shoddy quality and missed deadlines. Moreover, mismatching workers to equipment can actually bring about costly damage to some of your most valued assets. On the other hand, an over-abundance of skilled labor also has a down side; more on that in a moment. Meanwhile, understand that matching the right skilled labor to the right equipment should be a high-priority project policy concern.

Mismatch Due To Use of Insufficiently Skilled Workers 

Misalignment of skilled labor occurs when workers are not sufficiently skilled to meet job requirements. Yet in a changing labor environment, some measure of skills-to-equipment mismatch is near to inevitable. New technology arrives on site. Training policies linger behind the times. License verifications get lost in the shuffle. Indeed, license verification for workers is a tedious process that requires persistent maintenance. Yet if not fully addressed with the right construction operations management resources, a continual surge in project demands may leave great gap between awareness, readiness and effective follow-up.

Mismatch Due to Misuse of Overly Skilled Workers

According to an article from the Global Agenda Council on Employment, a secondary problem with matching the right skilled labor to the right equipment involves an over-qualification mismatch. This occurs when skilled labor is squandered on tasks and equipment operations that could be performed by a worker with fewer skill sets. Such over-qualification mismatches result in a costly waste of talent, licensing expenses and leadership abilities. Furthermore, when unused, skill sets tend to waste away. Thus contractors loose part of their initial licensing investment. Career-minded workers may suffer a crisis in self-confidence and career motivation. And even bonus funds for higher skill levels go to waste.

Over-matching skills to equipment can also result in missed opportunities for the adoption of new technologies in the given skill field. Unused labor skills often result in less time in training and license updating.

No contractor can afford the cost of high and persistent failures in skills to equipment match up.

Streamlining Labor Scheduling Via Effective Construction Operations Software

With the right operations and planning software, modern construction contractors can avoid the losses created by mismatching skilled labor to equipment requirements. State-of-the-Art mobile communications make simple the process of keeping in-depth details on licenses, training and other workforce data. Real-time communications also promotes automated data exchange. Keeping licenses for workers in an easy to use system can help you streamline your scheduling efforts for correct staff-to-equipment compatibility.

Assignar operations management software is designed construction contractors with a desire to ensure efficient scheduling of the correct workers with the correct credentials to the equipment that requires such credentials. The consequences of inadequate training and failed license renewal involve much more than a temporary increase in operations costs.


Learn more by reading, "Staffing Checks For Construction-Based License Renewal And Trainings."



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