Jobsite Productivity – How To Boost Productivity On Job-sites

Updated on April 20th, 2022

Efficient Jobsite Productivity Promotes On Budget, On Time and Less Costly Project Completion

Cost-effective jobsite productivity requires maximum employee efficiency. However, jobsite efficiency demands that construction firms establish a reliable method for workforce planning, allocation and tracking, a somewhat difficult task if one is limited to the resources of pen-to-paper or hand-compiled Excel spreadsheets. Correct management of the productivity on any jobsite nearly always reduces labor expenses, enhances budget performance and boosts the reputation of the associated firm. Problem is, productivity on the jobsite tends to encounter daily resistance and need for change.

How do efficient construction firms prevent delays between workforce planning, workforce allocation and workforce implementation?

First they acknowledge the benefits of accurate measurement of workforce performance success and productivity management. Second they learn the processes that promote such activities. And then they seek out and identify tools that enable reliable application of the tools and programs best suited to greater efficiency and better jobsite productivity. The following points address five processes that will help you boost productivity on your jobsites.

Boost Jobsite Productivity Via Improved Workforce Training Processes

The economy has awakened. The years of stagnant growth are at an end. The daily demand for trained construction workers is at an all-time high. In fact, according to BLS job growth statistics, growth in demand for construction laborers and helpers is running 12% above average. Likewise, openings in the construction managers sector are hitting 11% faster than average (US Department of Labor, BLS, Construction Outlook Handbook, Construction Managers). The current workforce crisis revolves around a lack of qualified workers. This puts improved training near the top of contractor efforts to boost jobsite productivity. Improved training reduces wasted time on individual tasks, excessive rework and the effort to get and keep a top-notch workforce.

Boost Jobsite Productivity Via No-Hassle Safety Reporting

When worker safety is compromised by excessive reports protocol, workplace hazards tend to accumulate. Customized report-generating tools such as those utilized in the Health and Safety Inspection and Audit components of the Assignar construction management software remove the hassle from safety reporting.

Boost Jobsite Productivity Via The Power of Mobile Technology

Although applied mobile technology does far more than “just” boost productivity on the jobsite, it has become an indispensable resource for improved workforce planning, allocation and management. So remove the shackles from your smartphones and tablets. Open up the windows of cloud-based project productivity. For the gain of on-site operations efficiency, embrace Mobile Technology.

Boost Jobsite Productivity Via Tools That Enhance Daily Reporting

Stop making your project managers run back and forth between their trucks. Link into a mobile system that not only enhances time tracking, safety reporting and asset management, but also promotes simplified and enhanced quick and accurate daily reporting. Switch to real-time Data Collection and Data Analytics.

Boost Jobsite Productivity Via Simplified Communication Efficiency

Efficient communications helps reduce waste, error, rework and downtime. Even when all communications occur in a single language, efficiency can suffer. Complications that accompany information exchange between people of different languages are even more severe. Speech-to-text software can help eliminate such basic communication barriers.

It’s all about adopting processes and tools best suited for an ever-growing and ever-changing construction industry. Learn how Assignar can help your team collaborate, communicate and track project components via a single-source asset for improved jobsite productivity.

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