End-to-End cloud based Software – The new age in construction?

Not too long ago, small construction companies would send out a pickup truck and find day laborers to work on a construction site. Those days are over, and now, that same size construction company, just like his huge multinational brethren needs end-to-end construction management software to efficiently run a business.

While multinationals may have their own proprietary software, more and more construction companies of all sizes are turning to cloud based end-to-end solutions.

With today’s political uncertainty, no one can predict the future of the construction industry in the United States. Construction contractors can agree that the old ways of doing business are over, companies must do more with less, and every company must be ready to beat out other companies in the bidding process.

Today’s construction companies must manage everything from bids to compliance, and from the signed contract through completion and payment. Every detail is important and needs the attention, using the right tools is therefore very important.

End Multiple Entries of the Same Data

Assignar is a company for keeping track of everything and it integrates with most bookkeeping and payroll systems. Assignar, together with your accounting software, is a one-time data entry system. This means once you enter data, it populates all other modules, making multiple entries of data a thing of the past.

This saves time and makes for fewer errors. For example, if you enter a new employee into the system, it automatically prompts you to schedule safety training, notifies the payroll system, and attaches a credentials file to the employee that has information including date of initial safety training, date of refresher safety training, job title, licensure, and more.

Stay on Top of Data

Before cloud services such as Assignar came into being – a contractor may have had to enter employee information into several different computer programs. This increases the likelihood of errors and higher costs. Many companies opted not to computerize as they believed they could manage all the information about employees on a spreadsheet.  These companies also used different spreadsheets to keep track of assets, insurance, permits, and more. Eventually, the burden that multiple spreadsheets caused became so great, they were largely ignored.

When this happens, paperwork is haphazard – with results that are very distasteful. For example, if a liability policy lapses and a passerby is injured by debris from your construction site, you can be sued. Without insurance, you pay for your legal defense and if you lose or settle, the award comes out of your company or you. Perhaps an employee is injured and you cannot produce his or her safety training documentation – OSHA can warn or fine you.

Assignar is a cloud-based system for total construction management. We offer you affordable solutions for managing your company efficiently, with fewer errors and increased profitability. We provide the tools for you to control:

  • Workforce management
  • Asset management
  • Compliance management
  • Subcontractor management
  • Integrates with accounting and ERP systems

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