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Updated on October 10th, 2022

When businesses are put under pressure to deliver, whether that is through the unprecedented times of today to the everyday challenges of running a business, determining how best to manage your costs starts with visibility.
To determine what is the optimum route for your business, you must conduct a SWOT analysis to gain insight into your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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Each strength or competitive advantage could be unique to your business but the industry norm usually includes delivering high-quality work, safely and on time. Sound familiar? A mixture of these deliverables is often outlaid on many businesses’ websites. So if everyone delivers high-quality work, safely and one time, how do you set yourself apart from your competition?

Common business challenges

Understanding your opportunities for growth requires knowing your current business’ weaknesses. Some of the top challenges below may resonate with your business. Such as:
– Constrained workforce and labour shortages
– Asset underutilisation
– Mismanagement of safety documentation from competencies to safety forms
– Long communication cycles from the office and the field staff
– Paper-based operations leading to double-entry, human error, data silos and high administrative costs
A lot of the challenges highlighted above are due to a lack of true visibility into one’s operations. This is further exacerbated by the minimal access to real-time data from the field back to the office.

The Solution

More and more sub and self-perform contractors are moving to digital solutions as opportunities for streamlined operations, growth and competitive advantage.

Take the health check: Benchmark your digital operations strategy against the competition

Seeing how your digital strategy stacks up in comparison to other sub and self-perform contractors is a great way to start outlining threats in your SWOT analysis.
Although point solutions or excel sheets and shared drives are a great stepping stone towards digitisation, an end-to-end system is the best way to optimise your business operations and cut costs during this time.
Assignar is the platform that sub and self-perform contractors trust to schedule crews and equipment, manage compliance, quality and safety. Assignar’s mobile app gives your business the mobility to work anytime and anywhere whilst receiving data in real-time between the office and the field.
The construction industry is renowned as one of the least digitised industries in the world. This is your opportunity to harness your business challenges as catalysts for growth. Maximising real-time visibility will allow you to cut immense costs and allow your business to be front-runners and innovators in an industry with low tech adoption.
NPW Contracting has been reaping the benefits of digitising their operations with Assignar. Helen Madden-Weiss, NPW Contracting CEO highlights,

“Going paperless has been something that our field employees have been asking for nearly 5 years and I am so happy that we have finally found something that everyone loves and is helping us be more environmentally friendly! With Assignar we have saved 1,340 hours and $48,000 a year.”

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