SafeWork NSW Crackdown On Crane Operator Licensing, Competency & More

Updated on April 20th, 2022

SafeWork NSW Inspectors Move To Verify Licensing & Operator Competency On Crane Operators, Riggers & Doggers

In a 6 month crackdown on operators, compliance management and maintenance of cranes, SafeWork NSW inspectors set a fresh target for increased statewide industry safety. Without a doubt, cranes are an essential component in construction operations. Therefore, proper operation by qualified, competent and licensed crane operators and the supporting management and workers is critical to performance efficiency, reliability and safety.
The key focus in the SafeWork NSW crackdown will include:

Inspectors will also confirm the establishment and existence of exclusion zones and other systems of work that play a role in on-site ground safety. Along with all other crane-related safety measures, guidelines for safe workload devices must be effectively observed and followed.

Risks of Unsafe Plant Management

According to recent research from RMIT University, 48% out of 39 investigated plant accidents saw the loss of life of the driver/operator of the plant. Reflectively, in the remaining 52% of the incidents, death took another worker who was in the region of the plant during time of the occurrence. Safe plant management is critical to Australian workplace safety. Expect the SafeWork NSW crackdown to take focus on reduction of risks associated with using plant in your workplace.
But please do not wait until someone from outside your construction firm identifies the problems, or worse, someone on one of your project sites suffers grave injury. The codes for managing the risks of plant are readily available. Construction software offers a solution that simplifies enactment of industry equipment compliance. You can keep the official documentation at your fingertips, but also have:

  • Real-time spec updates
  • Real-time tracking and analysis
  • Automated flagging on expiring operator licenses and tickets
  • Confirmation of operator competency
  • Ordering and monitoring systems of work
  • Automate mobile safety data collection and alerts
  • Inspection assurance documentation
  • AND Affirmation and evidence of timely and reliable maintenance processes.

Stay Ahead of the SafeWork NSW Crane Operator Crackdown

Set focus on improving the productivity and efficiency of your Crane business without sacrificing safety. Learn more about the better way to schedule and manage your operators and cranes. Take care of compliance management. Schedule with order and reliability. Manage maintenance from a single point of control. Request a demo of the Assignar Operations Software For Crane Businesses now.

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