Checklist: Do you have the infrastructure to keep building?

Checklist: Do you have the infrastructure to keep building?

During these changing times, construction businesses are testing the limits of their infrastructure in preparation for further restrictions amid the pandemic. Rapidly changing the way you operate a business without proper time, preparation, and investment quickly becomes overwhelming.

Cloud-based operations

With the current pandemic and other interruptions, contractors and businesses across the world are shifting towards remote working setups for office employees. With this comes many challenges, including communication breakdowns and the loss of access to internal systems.
This is where digital systems that assist in communication and information transfer outshine traditional infrastructure, like desktop apps. Cloud-based operations enable easy transfer of critical data, documents, and information while accommodating challenging restrictions, like social distancing and quarantine.
These tools allow businesses to maximise productivity while away from the office. Video conferencing,  cloud-based data storage or file exchange, digital customer relationship management (CRM) systems, HR platforms, and instant messaging apps serve as the foundation for digital operations. Rather than feel overwhelmed by all the options out there for your business, review a few recommendations that are sure to help you keep building.

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Going digital for remote working

Moving to cloud-based systems requires a business review of your current processes to highlight opportunities for digitisation. The checklist below is designed to assist the business review of your current systems by outlining which of your systems are paper-based, digital or a mixture of both.

Assignar, field mobility for sub and self-perform contractors

Assignar is the industry-specific solution for digital operations. We are committed to assisting the industry during this time, through education and support on remote working best practices and how construction operations can thrive through digital systems. Assignar’s mobile app connects the field and the office to enable seamless compliance management,  scheduling and asset management.

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Our customer DACS Asphalt and Concrete have shared how they’re “actually thriving” with the Assignar platform during these difficult times.

“Implementing Assignar in our business has been a game-changer, especially with the recent situation. The platform allows our office staff to work remotely to ensure the health and safety of our employees. The staff can easily relay scheduling information through the Assignar mobile app to our field workers, who work in small crews. In a time where many other companies are having to close their offices or reduce staff, we are actually thriving.”

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