Certified Payroll, Understanding the Basic Construction-Focused Requirements

Certified Payroll, Understanding the Basic Construction-Focused Requirements

Certified Payroll or Getting A Handle Around Federal Form WH-347

To be submitted weekly to the oversight government contact agency, certified payroll is all about simplified compliance. The process, somewhat derived from President Trump’s promised infrastructure deal, covers government-contracted construction workers. Expect to see 2018 introduce around $1 trillion into the updating of the country’s interstate bridges, highways and more. Even now, lawmakers are involved in crafting a bipartisan infrastructure bill purposed to uphold the Davis Bacon Act and better wage protections.

Components listed within federal form wh-347 include seven essentials:

  1. Every employee involved with work on the contracted project
  2. Wages paid to said employees
  3. Benefits offered to said employees
  4. Type of work performed by said employees
  5. Hours worked by said employees
  6. Withholdings and gross wages of said employees
  7. AND A statement of compliance.

Certified Payroll, Form WH-347 Optional But Not Void Toward Basic Construction-Focused Compliance

Although filling out Form WH-347 is an optional convenience, meeting the terms for information collection and response remains mandatory for covered contractors and subcontractors. If you firm performs work on Federally assisted or Federally financed construction contracts, the Copeland Act (40 U.S.C. § 3145) compel that your firm “furnish weekly a statement with respect to the wages paid each employee during the preceding week.”  Even if you do not take advantage of the simplified convenience form, you must furnished proper authorities with physical copies of the required details.

Certified Payroll Report, Definition of  “Certified”

Crafting and presenting a properly completed certified payroll report involves legal exact detail. Before placing your written signature on the statement of compliance, make certain that you understand the consequences of willful falsification of any payroll documentation. Be warned that deliberate error may result in civil or criminal prosecution. That said, basic certification is defined as follows:

  • The report forms must accurately include all terms, conditions and information as required by current Federal policies
  • Each employee has been paid no less than the proper and prevailing Davis Bacon wage as declared for the type of work that employee performed
  • The company owner or head of operations payroll places their written signature on the statement of compliance..

Construction Certified Payroll, Understanding the Complications

To complete, sign and submit a certified payroll report:

  • You need not be a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP)
  • Pass any special type of exam
  • Must meet the American Payroll Association’s criteria
  • Understand and satisfy the specifics of the each state or states wherein you will submit the forms
  • Know the limits of your preferred payroll software and adjust accordingly
  • Rightly determine and comply with each state’s particular certified payroll requirements, regulations and filing methods.

Gathering and confirming data is the bulk labor in construction-focused certified payroll compliance. With the right tools, the task can be quick, accurate and daily. Without the right tools, the process may well overwhelm your current resources. And remember: The more employees you work, the greater the task and the higher the possibility of error in the report.

Thus we recommend our Assignar real-time mobile-based timesheet processing construction features. Let us you eliminate paper timesheets while also automating the payroll breakdown process. Features include:

  • Automated connection between field and office
  • Customize activities according to your requirements
  • Integrate timesheet details directly into your accounting software
  • AND More.


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