$400M Infrastructure stimulus for Queensland – Is your business ready?

This week the Palaszczuk Government announced $400 million in accelerated funding for Queensland to supercharge its economy through the COVID-19 recovery. This infrastructure stimulus will add to more than $23 billion on road and transport upgrades with 21,500 jobs projected.
The State Government has shown its commitment to tackling the economic impacts of the pandemic. Ms Palaszczuk stated that “this is about investing in Queensland infrastructure to create Queensland jobs as we unite and recover from COVID-19”.
Since the state lockdown, Mark Bailey, Transport and Main Roads Minister has stressed the importance of the construction industry in keeping the economy moving. With the announcement of the accelerated funding, he states that “it is vital that Queensland doesn’t lose momentum on its roads and transport investment”.

Current Queensland projects underway

  • $1 billion M1 Varsity Lakes to Tugun – 850 jobs (for the entire project)
  • $812 million Bruce Highway upgrade from Caloundra Road to the Sunshine Motorway – 680 jobs
  • $662 million Bruce Highway Caboolture to Steve Irwin Way early works – 664 jobs (for the entire project)
  • $514 million Haughton River Floodplain project at Giru, 40km south of Townsville – 544 jobs
  • $497 million Mackay Ring Road – 534 jobs
  • $400 million Ipswich Motorway upgrade from Rocklea to Darra – 471 jobs
  • $121 million Rockhampton Northern Access Upgrade – 260 jobs
  • $164 million Smithfield Bypass start of new intersection – 115 jobs
  • $150 million Bruce Highway interchange upgrade at Deception Bay – 270 jobs
  • $104 million Cairns Southern Access Kate to Aumuller streets bridge decks – 113 jobs

View more current and upcoming projects here

Streamlining your operations for the boom

The stimulus package announcement is welcomed news for Queensland contractors. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 restrictions are likely to be maintained as standard WHS policy for months to come as the industry navigates through recovery. As a consequence, already complex projects are further complicated. Contractors are continuing to struggle to balance compliance, resource maximization and comprehensive reporting. Competition continues to be fierce as tenders start to open for large projects starting at the end of the year.
Now is the time to re-evaluate your business processes. More and more contractors are moving towards digital solutions to support their operations as business ramps up.

Take the health check. Benchmark your digital operations strategy against the competition

Manual systems such as whiteboards, excel spreadsheets for tracking productivity, paper timesheets, docket books and safety forms are more susceptible to human error and more importantly are not real-time. From illegible writing to lost documentation to having to constantly check the whiteboard in the office for current jobs and allocations. Even server-based legacy systems still require double entry and create communication breakdowns.

The cloud-based solution

Assignar is the operations platform for sub and self-perform contractors. The mobile app enables contractors to abide by physical distancing rules, embrace an alternative method to face communication and remove paperwork from the jobsite.
As a cloud-based solution, all timesheets, forms and safety documentation are digitally submitted via the mobile app. Enabling crucial jobsite paperwork to be received in real-time by office staff. All submissions can include e-signatures and photos with timestamps and geo-locations logged.
From a scheduling perspective, allocators are no longer glued to the whiteboard as the source of truth or bound to the office to do their jobs. With Assignar, your allocations calendar is digital and can auto-populate compliant workers with available assets to help you maximise your resources.
Local sub and self-perform contractors such as Aussie Excavators Plant Hire, Martinus Rail, Dynamic Hydro Excavations and East Coast Traffic Control have adopted Assignar to combat their inefficient paper-based/manual operations and propel their business forward into growth.

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