Why Assignar Simcat mobile app

Record the site production of your entire crew

Track job site activities with construction daily reports which captures worksite’s timesheets, activities and approvals in one easy form that’s transmitted back to the office in real time.

Schedule crews and track activities progress on a daily basis

After scheduling activities and assigning workers and supervisors to different roles, activities & projects, allow project supervisors to report confirm the activities have been completed in the daily reports.

Get real-time feedback on how your projects are tracking against plan

Receive all vital information from the job site and track project progress in real-time. Capture crew times, asset time, materials used & your full supply chain.

Avoid confusion about work done

Process cost codes per activity and invoice faster. Customers can sign-off on daily reports so you can submit progress claims much faster and more accurately.

What Assignar customers have to say

As the team grew, paperwork became a nightmare for our site manager, he had to collate all the information and send it to the office. I then had to process it all into Excel, with Assignar that’s all automated now.

– Load 28

Capture everything on the jobsite

Material usage, Weather conditions, number of working hours, type of work performed, safety observations, delays, supply chain management & completed tasks.


Keep clients in the loop and get sign-off onsite

Your daily reports contain a detailed breakdown of the crew’s activities to keep your clients better informed about what’s going on on their job. Get daily reports signed off at the end of the shift.


Track how you are tracking against your budget daily

Process Timesheet data from Site Diary, extract data for progress claims and track daily how you are tracking against your budget

See how Assignar’s construction software helps you seamlessly manage your field reporting.

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Case Study

Daily forms received digitally
Thoutt Bros Concrete

Thoutt Bros Concrete automates workflows and streamlines communications
Weather conditions

Be professional with your own branded digital form ready for custom print with your logo and company template.

Attach photos

Every form automatically has a timestamp and geo-location to ensure that all forms are completed on site and during work hours.

Custom labor and equipment

Submit digital timesheets and dockets with e-signatures and email straight to the client from the app.


Depending on form information, you can set up notifications to action. Keep your resources well maintained.

Cost calculations

Get the data insights through Custom Reports with in-depth tagging and grouping, including roles, workers, assets, projects, and suppliers.

Crew timesheets

Use the timesheet feature to track time attendance and easily split time per project/client in customizable reports.

Supply chain

Capture what subcontractors or suppliers are used on your project daily.

Material capture

Track and capture materials used for your project and crew.

See how Assignar can help you utilize your crews & equipment more efficiently.

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