At Assignar, we’ve built our business on ensuring our customers come first. Our goal is to ensure that, at all times, our services (Website, portal and mobile application) are safe and that our customer’s data is secure and protected. 

Should you discover a security vulnerability related to our services, please contact us and disclose it to us in a responsible manner.

We commit to acknowledging your disclosure as soon as possible and validating the reported vulnerabilities through a triage process to understand the impact and most appropriate response to address the reported vulnerability.

Reporting a Security Vulnerability

If you think you have found a security vulnerability in our services, please contact us immediately via

When reporting a vulnerability please include as much information as possible to help us triage and appropriately respond to the vulnerability.

Information that would be useful to help us reproduce the security vulnerability:

  • The URL or application identifier where the vulnerability occurred;
  • Description of the vulnerability;
  • As much detail (step-by-step instructions) to help reproduce the vulnerability;
  • Any screenshots or videos of the vulnerability;

Assignar appreciates your disclosures and help in improving our services, however, we do not offer monetary compensation for your disclosures.