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Gain actionable insights in real time

Take control of your construction operations with detailed real-time reports.

Protect your business from claims

With one central point to store all operations data, it’s easy to retrieve the paperwork you need to avoid claims.

Make informed decisions without extra admin

Assignar constantly collects your business data so you can visualize it in custom reports. Learn from previous projects and improve on the next one.

Track project progress and resource utilization

Track how projects are progressing. See how to utilize your crews and assets at their optimal capacity to increase profitability.


Collect data from the field, digitally

Say goodbye to site paperwork, double data entry,  decrypting poorly handwritten forms and paper timesheets from your field crews. Receive real-time data from the field via the Worker app. The office receives data in real time.


Build and save custom real-time reports

Assignar’s robust custom data visualizer allows you to visualize your business the way you want. Build and bookmark your most important reports, including compliance, safety, project progress, and costs.


Improve operations and conduct corrective actions, immediately

Gain control over what happens on site. With a real-time data stream coming from site, you can take corrective actions almost immediately. Impress clients by emailing updated reports on a daily basis.

What Assignar customers have to say

Assignar has made everything a lot more organized and the visibility I have of the business is now transparent and shared across the board.

– Hi-Range Crane Forks
Timesheet reports

Capture digital timesheets from the job site. Analyze activities, pay and charge rates per project.

Safety reports

Collect safety forms, and conduct corrective actions immediately. All safety records are stored within the system for audits.

Competency matrix

Export your competency matrix for your next audit. All the data is stored in Assignar, export it to a complete .csv as well.

Project reports

Visualize allocated time versus actual time spent on a project. Measure productivity, cost, and overtime per project.

Audit trail

Automatically log everything that’s happening in Assignar and in your business.

Asset utilisation report

Report on hours of operations per asset.

Compliance and maintenance report

Report on asset maintenance and compliance.

14 different graph types

Visualize data the way you want with heat maps, bar charts, area charts, pie charts, treemaps, and many more reporting options.

Bookmark important reports

Build and bookmark reports for instant insight into your most important data.

Custom reports

Import your own data, or collect it with Assignar. Mix and match the data in graphs, tables, and reports to gain visibility.

Improve your entire operations from the office to the field in real time.

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