Boost Your Construction Productivity With Workforce Management

Easily organize, track, and schedule your workforce to reduce labor downtime and ensure compliance to maximize construction productivity in the office & field.

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Get the right people on the right job at the right time with Assignar Workforce Management

Track and schedule each worker in real time according to their skills, tickets, licenses, and more.


Create consistency so that every worker has a clear picture of activities and responsibilities.


Schedule compliant crews & mitigate risks across all jobsites with built-in compliance features.


Advance projects more quickly with improved workforce visibility and control.

We use Assignar to dispatch the right field teams with the right resources to the right projects. As rail projects have extremely complex planning and compliance requirements, knowing where our team is and that they are 100% supported every step of the way gives us great peace of mind. Assignar has been the driving force to help us achieve that in all our projects during our rapid growth period and beyond.

Driving Productivity in the Office & Field: 4 Ways to Nail Workforce Management in your Construction Operations
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4 Daily Workforce Management Issues That Weaken Your Construction Productivity
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It's time to boost your productivity with Assignar's workforce management solution

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Allocations and Competencies

Track Workers in One Place

Painlessly organize and access all worker information, including compliance documents, skills, previous jobs, equipment they can operate and more.


Only schedule compliant workers

Easily schedule compliant & qualified workers across all projects using drag-and-drop scheduling. Match skills and requirements to tasks and activities in your job orders.

Expiring competency

Communicate and automate compliance documentation

Automate notifications and alerts when documents, licenses and certificates are due to expire. Access critical workforce compliance documentation from the jobsite.

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We added 70 new employees since implementing the platform, but only one of them has an administrative role. If you have a person doing an administrative job in your office, you can probably get Assignar to do the same job. Instead, we were able to put more resources into training and execution. Along with the recent expansion, we’ve increased our productivity and we’re delivering better work to our customers. We couldn’t have done that without Assignar.


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