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Capture timesheets, safety forms, toolbox talks, and machine pre starts.

The world’s most powerful fieldworker app for the construction industry.

Supercharge staff in the field

Directly linked to the dashboard, the fieldworker app allows staff on site to submit timesheets, conduct safety inspections, file leave requests and stay compliant.

Realtime shift confirmation

Dispatching workers without placing a single phone call or sending an email. One simple calendar overview to bulk dispatch your workers to the job.

Submit timesheets

Simply check-in, add break time and check-out on the day. Or, workers can submit their timesheets manually at the end of the day. Timesheets will be automatically loaded in the dashboard and are queued to be confirmed.

Workers don’t enjoy paperwork

Allow them to complete machine pre-starts, timesheets and other compliance forms on their phones. Never lose a document again, all submission will be sent to your dashboard in realtime.

Never lose dockets again

Missing dockets, or unattached dockets can be easily added to timesheets. Send a reminder for missing dockets and attach them to timesheets, it’s that simple.

Reminders & Alerts

Set reminders and alerts, based on time, kilometers or date. Automate your compliance management.

Don’t get sent home

Upload all necessary documents, licenses and insurances to your workers’ phones. So when asked, workers can prove they’re compliant for the job.

Always compliant with self updated user profiles

Workers can keep their documents and licenses up to date.
Automated reminders and alert prevents chasing staff to remain up to date.

No internet on site? no problem!

Use Assignar offline and store data locally on your device.
Once you have an active wifi connection, Assignar syncs data with the dashboard.

Harness the power of mobility

Improve communication and document management in your company.