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Build a culture of safety and quality

Implement safety and quality systems on the job site with Assignar’s safety management software.

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Receive more accurate safety and quality data

Make sure you get all the near-miss, safety policy and Take 5 forms. Collecting forms digitally makes sure you actually get the data you need to improve safety.

Improve safety and quality communication

Make sure your entire workforce has instant access to safety policies and safety forms. Secondly, share your safety data in customizable reports with project owners and general contractors.

Action safety and quality issues instantly

Instead of having to go through a mountain of paper forms, set up email notifications on conditional questions in our digital forms, and take care of safety issues immediately.

Prepare your workforce for safety

Share safety policies, collect safety forms and manage orientations before the start of every project.

Build and collect custom forms that suit your safety and quality policies

Inspections and checklists are available from any mobile device, even without internet access! Conduct plant, equipment, and job site inspections easily.

Build custom safety reports and registers

All safety data is easily accessible through custom reports. Report and track incidents, near misses, job hazards and injuries.

“Now with Assignar, we collate all health and safety information in real time. We’re able to see trends and can improve our WHS. Our 50 fieldworkers have access to Incident reports, Plant inductions, PPE request forms, Safety inspection checklists and Toolbox talks.”

– Ronnie, Primebuild


Custom safety reports

Extensive reporting via the Data Visualizer highlights trends in near misses, incidents and machine defects, allowing improvement in safety policies and processes.

Real-time relay of safety information

With safety and quality forms and machine pre-start checklists completed on the fieldworker app, Safety Managers can action alerts faster.

Safety forms linked to timesheets

Ensure all compulsory safety documents are completed by linking them to a digital timesheet. Timesheets cannot be submitted for processes unless important safety forms are completed.

Bulk SMS notifications

Notify crews of severe weather changes, hazards that can affect a job or expiring tickets and licenses. SMS through to segments, like a particular crew, job order or competency tag.

Safety compliance

Demonstrate workflows and easy management of your compliance processes. Receive compliance alerts and track documents. Pass safety and OSHAS 18001 audits simply.

Document sharing

Important site documents, policies and inductions are easily accessible via the Assignar app. Share compulsory documentation with clients as soon as they are submitted or via a robust custom report.

Geo-location tracking

Have visibility to ensure that all safety forms are conducted onsite and during job hours.

Trainings and orientations

Ensure new employees are well trained with safety policies and find missing competencies before training new staff. Track employee training and check for site inductions.

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