Ricky Glass

A Military Vet's Guide to Finding
Success in the Construction Industry

Ricky Glass


Ricky Glass

President, Solution Services

Ricky Glass is a seasoned professional with a strong business development and operations management background. With over ten years of experience in his field, he has a proven track record of driving growth and improving efficiency for various organizations. His expertise in strategic planning and execution and his ability to build and manage teams make him a valuable asset in any business setting. Throughout his career, Ricky has demonstrated a deep commitment to delivering exceptional results and a passion for helping organizations reach their full potential.

The Highlights

From Foreman to President: Finding Success and Community after the Military

Construction was Ricky Glass’ first job as a young teenager, and even after enlisting into the Marine Corps in 2002 as a combat engineer, he always knew he’d go back to it. 

Today, he’s the president of Solution Services and still serves in the Reserves. He attributes his success largely to his military experience, which is why his team consists of military veterans much like himself. 

Between Two Worlds  

Joining the military felt like a calling to Ricky in 2002. After the events of 9/11, he wanted to help in any way he could, and for him that was serving his country. 

When he took a break in 2006, he began working residential construction jobs with his father, until he began feeling the effects of the impending 2008 financial crisis.

Luckily, the industrial construction company his cousin was working for at the time needed a foreman. He went for the interview, and 15 years later, he’s the president of the company. 

Veterans Are Assets 

Veterans can deal with stressful situations and not get rattled, which is why Ricky’s company continues to hire them. Tackling problems one step at a time while continuing to press forward makes veterans assets in an industry like construction. 

Construction also provided Ricky with the sense of belonging and purpose that veterans often lose when entering back into the civilian world. The camaraderie is unique to construction and benefits veterans as much as the companies who hire them. 

Where the Growth is  

Although many industries feel the impact of a shaky economy, that’s not the case for construction. Ricky says it’s been building itself up over the last couple of years, and is even experiencing Solution Services growth. It’s not just a soft landing he believes it will have, but continued growth.



The Host

Kendyl Campbell

Strategic Partnerships, Assignar

Kendyl spent many years in and around the construction industry before joining Assignar in 2020 as a Customer Success Manager. After implementing dozens of strategic enterprise accounts over the years, she quickly rose through the ranks to lead the Customer Success Team for a period in 2022. Currently, Kendyl works with Strategic Partners, helping sell value across complex software ecosystems, ultimately solving the information gap between companies’ field operations and financials-- selling some of our largest deals globally. Kendyl was awarded the 2022 Customer Custodian Award in North America, and she can now be heard as one of our hosts on Assignar’s The Dirty Boots Show. Kendyl enjoys staying active in the Colorado outdoors with her pup in her free time.