Gain jobsite visibility with digital forms

Get all information from the job site in real time, and act faster to prevent costly errors with Assignar’s construction forms software.

Stop pushing paper forms in the office

Save valuable admin time with digital forms. With real-time data, your team can take corrective action to any alerts immediately.

Get productive in the field

Free up time for your crew. All forms are on their mobile device in their pocket. That means: less walking to the site office, forms actually being filled out, no more deciphering of poorly handwritten and dirty forms.

Impress your customers

Speed up data collection and reporting to share information from the site with your customers. Answer important questions within the day instead of taking weeks to process information.

What Assignar customers have to say

As the team grew, paperwork became a nightmare for our site manager, he had to collate all the information and send it to the office. I then had to process it all into Excel, with Assignar that’s all automated now.

– Load 28

Build custom checklists, inspections, and audits for your job site

Build forms from scratch or modify existing ones. With 14 field input types, including electronic signatures and picture captures, you will transform your paper or excel form into an interactive mobile form within minutes.


Keep an automated trail of jobsite activities

Store all your forms in Assignar and make it easy for you and your team to share, print, and modify forms at any time with Assignar. Form results are automatically synced with the desktop platform in the office, for real-time data sharing.

See how Assignar’s construction forms software can help you seamlessly manage your field reporting.

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Assets Managed
Solution Plant Hire

Solution Plant Hire manages 150+ assets
Custom print

Be professional with your own branded digital form ready for custom print with your logo and company template.

Geo-location & timestamp

Every form automatically has a timestamp and geo-location to ensure that all forms are completed on site and during work hours.

Electronic signature

Submit digital timesheets and dockets with e-signatures and email straight to the client from the app.

Real-time notifications

Depending on form information, you can set up notifications to action. Keep your resources well maintained.

Customizable Reports

Get the data insights through Custom Reports with in-depth tagging and grouping, including roles, workers, assets, projects, and suppliers.

Manage time attendance

Use the timesheet feature to track time attendance and easily split time per project/client in customizable reports.

Digital audit trail

Track all important safety documentation in one place. Assignar gives you the visibility to see what forms workers submitted with date, time stamps, and geo-location.

Custom questions

Include custom questions on your digital dockets to make sure you can get them approved and signed quickly.

Construction of a mass rail transit line in progress
Case Study
Affective Rail uses Assignar to streamline time sheets.
Affective Rail leverages real-time data insights and communication
cone worker asphalting
Case Study
The Barricade Company saves $90k in a high-liability space
The Barricade Company saves $90k in a high-liability space

See how Assignar can help you utilize your crews & equipment more efficiently.

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