Assignar & Autodesk BIM360 integration allows field teams to view 3D drawings on site via Worker app

Updated on March 24th, 2022

Assignar’s platform helps contractors and construction professionals manage every aspect of their field operations — including project scheduling, assets and materials, and compliance processes

“The integration between Assignar and BIM 360 is an incredible win for subtrades and self-perform GCs. Office and field stakeholders can now connect Assignar’s workforce and asset management to 2D and 3D files warehoused in BIM 360. The combined offering is an empowering step forward for vertical and horizontal construction.”
– Josh Cheney, Industry Manager, Construction Technology at Autodesk.

Often, field crews and subcontractors are excluded from the design and planning phase of projects, which can result in rework on the project. Sharing design documents and plans with everyone on the job site improves project efficiency and delivers the quality outcome required.
Utilizing an integrated, single sign-on solution, field workers can have a master record and single source of information accessible via their tablets or smartphones in real-time, helping to measurably improve quality, safety and commissioning for an array of civil construction projects.

“By integrating the Assignar platform with Autodesk BIM 360 Docs, we are not only reaching more subcontractors than ever before, but we are also connecting the construction community to a powerful, integrated software solution that allows them to more effectively execute designs and plans.”
– Jason Barber, Vice President of Constrctuion Market & Innovation at Assignar.

Field crews and subcontractors no longer have to sift through thousands of documents in different applications. Instead, they can easily access relevant drawings and specs for their daily tasks and get back to building.

Setting up Assignar – BIM360 Integration

Setting up the integration is easy. Simply connect your Autodesk BIM360 account to Assignar and select the project documents you need to share with your field crews. The plans will be listed with all other relevant project documents your field crews need to finish the job as efficient as possible.

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