Assignar Updates: Progress Tracking, Daily Log, Mobile Scheduling, and New Navigation

We’re starting Q2 with an exciting announcement about some of the latest updates to Assignar! As our customers already know, we’re constantly updating and developing our construction software based on user feedback. All of these exciting changes bring us closer to optimizing construction operations and driving better productivity across the global horizontal infrastructure industry. Here’s what to look for in our product:

Progress Tracking

This new capability gives contractors the ability to better understand site progress and supports productivity analysis. With this update, you can better optimize the use of resources and adjust them based on progress and budget. Users can enter a budgeted quantity for a work order and track progress against that quantity from the field.

Daily Log

The new Daily Log allows you to access allocations, submit multiple timesheets for the day, and track time for multiple breaks and assets — all from one easy-to-understand screen on their phones. It helps collect data from the field accurately, enabling workers to be paid correctly and subcontractors to bill their clients with precision. This will streamline the process of finding job information and completing time entries, allowing contractors to focus on their jobs.

Mobile Scheduling

Construction software wouldn’t be construction software without robust scheduling in the office and on the go. With Mobile Scheduling, contractors can easily schedule workers and equipment from their phone while on the jobsite. This keeps contractors mobile as they are checking job progress and working from multiple sites. They can add and remove resources without having to call the office to request changes. With this new functionality, Assignar provides support for the dynamic work environment that contractors operate in.

New Navigation

The platform’s new navigation follows the recommended workflow for Assignar, from managing equipment and employees, to allocating these resources to work order, to tracking time, quantities and compliance. It marks an important milestone in the company’s migration to a refreshed user experience.

Read the full announcement on these Assignar updates or explore our Support Center for more information.

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