Assignar’s Acumatica Integration Enables Subcontractors to Make Better Business Decisions

Assignar’s Acumatica Integration Enables Subcontractors to Make Better Business Decisions

DENVER 01.30.23: Assignar, the global leader in cloud-based construction operations software, today announces its integration with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software Acumatica, creating a complete operations management solution for subcontractors with greater visibility into the field, so they can make better decisions. 

As a company connecting the field to the office by tracking resources and field data, easily integrating into ERP software to monitor costs tied to labor and equipment felt like a no-brainer to Assignar’s Product Director Matt Lucas.

“Our users are often operations managers or business owners that simply don’t have time to get this done,” he explains, “Plus, it can take hours of testing to get a custom integration built by a custom development shop.”

Las Vegas-based commercial concrete contractor Stonescapes used Google Forms and Google Sheets to track hours for payroll and manually entered it into Acumatica for processing. CEO James Jaramillo says it would take them an entire day. 

“[Assignar] saves us the cost of someone entering data almost daily. And now with the size that we’re at, you’d probably have someone punching that information in all day.”

Assignar’s Global Head of Channel, Shannon Ward, says that as construction contracting businesses take on more work, the risk of entering inaccurate costs when uploading data into ERP systems increases.

“When information is added from the field in the correct format, and then directly flows back into an accounting system or back to the operational staff who need that data, it enables businesses to make better decisions in the field.”

Assignar’s platform pulls operational data from Acumatica, such as workers, equipment, projects, and clients, and schedules resources to job sites. Then, time is tracked against those resources in the field and sent back to the office in real time.

In just a few clicks, field data syncs back into Acumatica from Assignar, so construction subcontractors can get their people paid faster and analyze profitability reports more accurately. 

“Getting accounting information, budgeting information, and job structure over to a field application often means they are having to build their project over and over again,” Ward explains, “Integrations allow businesses to enter it one time, in one source of truth, which for construction is the accounting system.”

Watch how Assignar’s Acumatica integration works.

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