TZ Civil: From Paper Forms to Real-Time Feedback

Updated on February 14th, 2024

About TZ Civil

TZ Civil Is an industry leader in providing installation and repairs to all types of electrical underground infrastructure. TZ Civil’s strength comes from its ability to complete works to an exceptionally high standard within challenging timeframes and locations.

TZ Civil specialises in complex projects that are often deemed “impossible” by other companies. By utilising state-of-the-art equipment and modern technology, Target Zero Group embraces challenging projects.

TZ Civil’s workforce is extremely experienced in the installation and repair of all types of underground cabling including high voltage, low voltage, and public lighting.

From Paper forms to real-time feedback

“Before Assignar, we used paper forms. I had to read through all our forms word for word. Now we’ve set rules for certain form responses. As the forms are automatically linked to the asset, operators always have them by hand. Once issues arise, I receive a notification and I can instantly update our maintenance team to go have a look at the asset and fix it.”

Dial before you dig

(In Australia, “Dial Before You Dig” is the national platform for underground utilities referral service.)

“Instead of printing every pdf, and taking it to the site. We upload the pdf to the mobile app. We can easily update these documents from the office, so our guys always have the most recent pdf available.”

The right documents on-site, at all times

Before Assignar, we sometimes had workers coming back to the office, to get documents that they forgot to bring to the site. We usually don’t work right around the corner, so these trips were causing downtime. That problem has been solved now. All paperwork is within the mobile app. This means that all documents are always available to them, reducing downtime.

Asset management

“We use diggers, trucks, excavators, and hydro vacs. To operate these, we need to fill out 4 track sheets every day. Machine pre-starts and the other forms are automatically linked to the asset. The operator has easy access to all of them and Submitted data is automatically pushed into reports giving us insight into defects and hours of operations per asset.”

it’s much easier to manage jobs with assignar

“The support we get from Assignar is good. We can reach out over email, live chat, or phone. Assignar answers straight away.

Now that we use Assignar, it’s much easier to manage jobs. Everything is linked within the platform. We’ve gotten rid of cross-referencing and double data entry. There’s no back and forth between the site and the office, everything is in one place, accessible to everyone. All our guys have caught onto the app as well, and they’re very happy with it.”

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