Non Destructive Excavations: Moving on from Spreadsheets

Updated on February 14th, 2024

Founded in 2005, Non Destructive Excavations Australia (NDEA) is a subterranean safety specialist that introduced non-destructive excavation to Sydney which has now become the industry standard. With over 10 trucks in its fleet, NDEA provides non-destructive excavation, backfill services, locating, and saw cutting.

NDEA services projects within the Greater Sydney Region and are currently working on some of NSW’s largest projects including the Sydney Metro project, NorthConnex, and WestConnex. NDEA stands out from its competition by providing a highly-skilled, experienced, and professional team of workers who have the knowledge and experience to get jobs completed on time and safely.

NDEA uses Assignar to manage worker competencies, inductions, fleet maintenance and allocations.

No more excel spreadsheets

Prior to using Assignar, we used a lot of excel spreadsheets to schedule our crew and allocate our machines. Then we would individually text each worker their shift and job details. This process was very time-consuming.

“As an Operations Manager, I have been able to save 2 hours a day on admin tasks. From my perspective, I can easily plan and program work in advance and run reports after each shift.”

Assignar enables our team to communicate a lot easier than before. Our field workers are able to see all their jobs and where they are assigned to. The app securely stores all the important documents and information our crew needs for a job – the client location, job site vehicles, and contact details of the supervisor and client onsite.

National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

The primary feature we use on Assignar is digital forms. We spent a lot of time, working with our Customer Success Manager to assist us in getting all our forms onto the platform. Crucial forms such as staff and plant pre-start forms are now digitally stored, recorded, and submitted on the Assignar app. This has assisted us in completing the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) for Maintenance Management. The digital audit trail we have within Assignar ensures that our crew and machines remain compliant and that we have clear visibility in the maintenance of our machines.

Rolling out Assignar

We implemented Assignar through a Toolbox talk and then provided one-on-one training for the workers, who required extra assistance in learning the app but once we got it up and running the whole team can see the benefit of the visibility Assignar provides.”

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