Infraworks: Timesheets, Compliance, & Insights

Updated on March 1st, 2023

Infraworks rail services

Infraworks is a specialist service provider to the rail industry. They are the primary supplier of rail services for many current and upcoming rail infrastructure upgrades and maintenance programs in the Sydney area. Rail workers employed in the demanding environment of the modern rail corridor must be well-trained in all aspects of their job. At Infraworks, they leave nothing to chance.

automated timesheets = more business

We pretty much use all features. Features like automated timesheets and form collection have proven to get us more business. Working in the railway industry without Assignar’s core features; allocation and compliance are nearly impossible. We’ve seen competitors leaving the market due to strict regulations and compliance requirements.

“Before Assignar we used Excel spreadsheets. 1 person updated the spreadsheet and became the only person in the company who was able to see who was scheduled for a certain job. The system was very clunky. With Assignar our allocation team can collaborate and distribute the workload, giving more people a better insight into our operations.”

iso certification is crucial

“Yes, in the railway industry, being ISO certified is essential. We are compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and AS /NZS 4801 standards. We actually just passed our audit 3 days ago with only 1 minor issue to improve. Other than that, it was a breeze. The auditor seemed very impressed with Assignar.

Assignar allows us to monitor our compliance at all times. Before – an audit was a scary process, putting band-aids on the problems and getting all the paperwork done at the last moment. Assignar has dissolved that completely, it allows us to monitor our compliance throughout the year.”

99% Worker adoption

“We inducted them and showed them how to use it. They picked it up easily, 99% of our workers love Assignar. I asked one of our workers (62 years old) how he liked the app. He told me that he couldn’t work for any other company. He has never been so organized and didn’t have to bring a lot of paperwork to the site anymore. When you hear that, you know you’ve implemented the right solution.”

using insights for injury frequency

“Yes, we use the Insights module to quickly pull up a report on injury frequencies. We capture the hours worked per worker with the timesheeting feature. Our health and safety manager can quickly analyze the data to prevent future injuries.”

“Also general reporting, we can track how many hours operators have worked on a unit. We can easily select the most experienced operators for the most complex jobs. By looking at the specific unit, we can also see which operators are getting behind on their experience, and call them in for training. This allows maintaining a highly skilled workforce.”

“As I said before, our industry is complex, training and maintaining the skill level of your workforce is a real struggle. Without Assignar we couldn’t operate our business, competitors are leaving the market because of its complexity. Because of Assignar, we have been able to get more business while our allocation team became 50% more efficient. Moreover, we got rid of our old maintenance scheduling and competency software. Which is saving us a lot of money!”

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