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How Field Data Keeps Subterra Civil Building

Subterra Civil is a civil contracting and excavation company specializing in drainage, plant hire, and other utilities. Started in 2015, Subterra has experienced significant growth over the years, extending its services to various multidisciplinary projects. As the business expanded, Subterra faced challenges in managing timesheets, tracking machine service and maintenance, and facilitating effective communication between the field and the office.

Key takeaways

  • Efficient Timesheet Management
  • Enhanced Machine Maintenance
  • Improved Communication and Coordination

Logistical Challenges  

Subterra initially relied on a small team, which made managing timesheets and other administrative tasks relatively simple. However, as the company grew, it became increasingly difficult to gather information from multiple sites and ensure accurate and timely recording of hours worked. Additionally, the need to monitor and address machine pre-starts and maintenance issues presented further logistical challenges.

Their team also needed a way to improve communication and information sharing between the office, field workers, and clients. This involved consolidating essential project data and documentation in one easily accessible location while allowing remote access for necessary stakeholders.

“With the payroll, we were always seemed to be under pressure to try and get all the timesheets and that in, make sure everyone gets paid at the end of the week.” - Patrick Joyce, Director


After researching potential solutions, Subterra identified Assignar as a software package that addressed their specific needs. Assignar offered a comprehensive range of features designed to simplify and enhance workflow processes. Here are the key solutions provided by Assignar:

1. Timesheet Management: Assignar enabled Subterra to gather accurate timesheet information directly from field workers. It allowed employees to record their hours worked, breaks taken, and specific job sites visited. This streamlined the timesheet management process, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing administrative burden.

2. Machine Pre-starts and Maintenance: Assignar facilitated efficient machine pre-starts by providing field workers with a platform to flag any issues, report damage, and attach photographs for immediate action. This ensured that maintenance and repair needs were addressed promptly, reducing equipment downtime and improving productivity.

3. Communication and Information Sharing: Assignar served as a centralized platform for collating essential project data, service histories, registration certificates, and other pertinent documents. This information was easily accessible to Subterra’s team members, clients, and contractors, enabling efficient communication and seamless information sharing.

Reducing DOwntime, Building More 

The adoption of Assignar brought forth significant improvements and tangible results for Subterra Civil. Assignar relieved the administrative burden, allowing field workers to take ownership of their timesheets. The system provided accurate and detailed timesheet records, facilitating smooth payroll processing.

Assignar also enabled field workers to promptly report and address equipment issues, ensuring optimal machine performance and reducing costly downtime. With a centralized platform, Assignar improved communication between the office, field workers, clients, and contractors. Access to relevant project data and documentation in one place reduced delays and improved collaboration.

Now, Subterra Civil can operate more efficiently, increase productivity, and deliver exceptional results for their clients. 

"You have everything all in one place, and you are able to share it easily. That's probably the best part about Assignar."

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