CJ’s Demolition: Mobility Out of the Office

Updated on February 14th, 2024

CJ’s Demolition is a leading demolition contractor servicing the New South Wales region. They set themselves apart from their competition through their presentation, communication, reliability, and experienced demolition team. Specialising in industrial, retail, commercial, and structural demolition, their major works include projects with Coles, Woolworths, Chatswood RSL, and Sydney airport

Allocating Crews Efficiently

As our team grew, it became harder to keep track of our workers and jobs. We knew we needed a system that would make our current process more efficient and support us as we continued to grow. Whiteboards and excel sheets were our normal practice for allocating prior to implementing Assignar. After planning out our jobs with crews and equipment, we would have to text everyone their shifts.

“If I was at home on Sunday with no access to the whiteboard in the office, I would just try to remember what was scheduled, then text and call team members for shift covers for the upcoming week,” says Arron Dendle, Director of CJ’s Demolition.

Now, with Assignar, we allocate through the orders module. When we create an order and allocate workers, only compliant workers populate, ensuring we always schedule compliant workers to each job. From there, we use the bulk SMS module with set templates to notify workers of their jobs or any shift changes. Mobility is a key feature of the Assignar platform as we don’t need to be in the office to make changes to shifts.

“I am out on the road for work from 5:30 am – 12:30 pm, with the Assignar dashboard accessible via the URL on my mobile, I can easily make shift changes on the go”. – Arron Dendle, Director

From there, our workers confirm their shift from the Assignar mobile app. For each job allocated, each worker has access to all the information they require for each job. Specifically, assets on the job, job supervisor, who their team members are, and all important site documentation. Before Assignar, we texted workers the location and time of their shifts. It wasn’t until they arrived on site that they could get this additional information. Now there is a level playing field across all team members and no room for error, as everyone receives 100% of the information needed across the board.

A Paperless Workforce

At CJ’s Demolition, we are basically paperless now, from machine pre-start forms to timesheets. Our team has access to the toolbox talk on the mobile app every morning and with pre-starts linked to all our assets in Assignar, our directors can be notified immediately of any corrective action required for our machines.

Our daily site diaries are also being collected via Assignar’s forms module. We have visibility on job locations across New South Wales, who has what, and where our assets are- from machines to the tools needed for each job. We have a form that ensures our power tools remain compliant and safe to use. It helps us track in case anything gets lost, is defective or needs maintenance. We enter the serial number of the tool on the form as well as take a photo of the serial number on the tool to correlate data submission and ensure up-to-date compliance.

Our jobs completed/ site demobilisation certificate is also digital. This form is signed by the client onsite via e-signature as a legal acknowledgment and proof that all works completed by our crew are to the requirements of the builder. From there, the form is emailed from the app to the builder, the site supervisor, the project manager, and our management. This decreases the time and opportunity for work to be disputed as the form is distributed to all stakeholders as soon as it is signed.

Furthermore, paper timesheets have been removed from our processes. Before Assignar, timesheets would be emailed back, physically handed into the office, or even faxed. Now, they are submitted and collected digitally via the mobile app.

“We have easily saved 6 hours over the course of the week in the collection and processing of timesheets.”

Technology Our Competitive Advantage

One of our selling points is technology. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and maximise technology to show efficiencies in our business to our clients and internally with our team is a big win for us. Assignar provides us with visibility to oversee everything and highlight any discrepancies immediately. We can see if a pre-start form was submitted after a worker was supposed to start their job and if their location was logged when they submit timesheets. This ensures that our team remains accountable for their administrative responsibilities as well as their job tasks and gives management the insights to maximise resources across all projects.

Onboarding Assignar

Our experience onboarding Assignar has been really positive. Our directors started with the system and worked closely with our Customer Success Manager on forms and timesheets. After which, we chose a select group of team members to trial Assignar before we rolled it out to the whole team. Once rolled out, we found our older guys were actually better with the app, as they are more thorough when submitting timesheets and forms. With a workforce between the ages of 19 years old to 60 years old, it’s great to see the app adopted positively by everyone.

“The biggest thing for us is that we are able to run the company with the mobility Assignar provides us. We don’t need to go to the office for key information. Now everything from assets, tools to labourers is stored on the platform. Assignar continues to be the core platform of our business, so much so that for all new hires, knowing how to use Assignar is a pre-requisite for our recruitment process.”

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