Blacktown Waste Services: Saving 80% on Payroll Time

Updated on February 14th, 2024

Blacktown Waste Services has been servicing the demolition, commercial and residential industry for over 15 years. Their personal touch and their central location to major motorways such as the M7, M2, and M4 make them easily accessible to major works generating high demand for their services across the Western Sydney Region.

New Equipment, New Approach to Operations

Assignar was recommended when we were purchasing new excavators from our supplier which is also an Assignar partner, Earthmoving Equipment Australia (EEA). With over 50 pieces of plant and 20 workers, managing the compliance of our operators and equipment was heavily paper-based and sometimes quite a messy process.

No more wet, lost, or left behind checklists

Prior to implementing Assignar, we had a checklist book for all our machines as well as a copy of all crucial safety forms such as incident/hazard forms. This was often lost, soaked from the rain or left behind in the yard. So our drivers would need to drive back to the yard for any forgotten paperwork, increasing the downtime of our machines and operators.

Now with Assignar, all safety documentation and machine checklists are easily accessible on the mobile app. Our machine checklist is colour coded to ensure the maintenance team is on schedule for all required work:

  • Green: Good to go
  • Orange: Can still be used but requires minor fixes
  • Red: Do not use the machine until the critical fix is undertaken

Time-savings for our Office Admin

We have substantially decreased the time it took to collect and process timesheets. Now that our timesheets are digital, our operators and drivers can submit their timesheets on the mobile app which reflects on our admin dashboard in the office in real-time.

“Our payroll process used to take 4-5 hours, now we can process it within an hour.”

Now we have better tracking and insight into the operations of our machines and crew, and we’re no longer wasting time chasing up paperwork.

Implementing Assignar

At Blacktown Waste Services we have a team ranging from 19 years old to 62 years old. So, when introducing Assignar to our team we wanted to make it really simple and easy for everybody to use. After having one-on-one training with our Customer Success Manager, we successfully rolled out Assignar to our team via a toolbox talk. First, we got the team onboard with digital forms and then timesheets, and throughout the journey, our Customer Success Manager was readily available to help us maximise the use of the platform. Now the crew is pretty good with Assignar. Submitting their machine checklists and timesheets through Assignar is part of their daily work habit and it’s been positively taken aboard.”

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