Active Energies Solar cuts rework by 30% and streamlines communications

Updated on September 21st, 2022


Active Energies Solar, LLC is a leading provider of solar energy design and installation services for residential and light commercial PV solar arrays in the Rocky Mountain area. The company prides itself on its quality work, highlighting its efficiency and giving customers the “white glove” treatment. Their team also holds certifications from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), a respected and widely recognized certification organization for North American solar professionals.

After a change in ownership in 2017, the team more than tripled and the family-owned business expanded its services across the state of Colorado. With up to 40 projects running simultaneously, they concluded they needed a solution that could cater to their fast-paced business.

Our search

Our team is heavily focused on process and quality. We cared about consolidating and tracking our information so we could look at previous work and be able to replicate, iterate and improve our service overall. Active Energies began growing quickly, and we were getting frustrated with lost, miscommunicated, or forgotten information.

We were using a handful of single-point solutions, including Google Drive, Microsoft, Adobe and more, that convoluted our processes instead of simplifying them. The end-goal of our search became to find a platform where we could do and address all aspects of our jobs

Our team considered a variety of other solutions, but they consistently fell short. The other companies we talked to were scattered and most interfaces were overwhelming. Assignar initially stood out to us because their team was both knowledgeable and receptive to our needs.

One of the reasons we chose Assignar was that we were able to organize our projects and collect the right data. In terms of field data, pictures are a massive component. We use them daily to track the progress and quality of our projects. We have so many projects going on at once, so we needed our photos to be easily organized and readily accessible.

“We’ve created a specific form that indicates what we need pictures of and it’s required for timesheet submission. Now, we’re getting exactly what we need from the field.” Courtney, Office Administrator

reduction in rework while tripling team

The numbers say it all

Implementing Assignar has allowed us to accelerate our processes. We can focus on valuable aspects of our business without getting bogged down by administrative tasks.

“We have managed to triple the size of our team, double the workload, and still cut our rework rate by 30%.” Rich Clubine, Owner

While we love that we’re improving our numbers, we’re also providing better service and quality to our customers. We see Assignar as a guardrail in our business because it eliminates most errors and obstacles for our installation crews.

In fact, our crews are embracing the mobile app and using it in ways that we didn’t necessarily expect. For example, they take ownership of getting the information they need when they are out in the field. They do order searches from their phones and typically find the information they need quickly.

“On average, we used to get 10 calls from each crew per project, each day. Now, we only get one call per crew in the entire day because they have the information they need at their fingertips.” Rich Clubine, Owner

To go along with that, we use the comment section on orders to pass along crucial bits of information homeowners give us, like customer priorities, garage codes, or something as simple as “watch out for the dog”.

Now, we’re also capturing better data from the field. With instant access to photos, we’re ready to talk about and address any concerns from our customers on the spot.

Active Energies + Assignar = ♥️

We can’t lie: implementing Assignar took commitment. We had to learn the software and map our processes to the software, but the Assignar team really made it worth it. Our Customer Success Manager got everything done so quickly and helped us go live just as fast. It has been clear at every point that their team is committed to our success.

Assignar shows us exactly where we have been, so we know where we’re going. Not only can we review past projects, but now we are stepping into the data visualization aspect of the software. We can already foresee how our custom charts are going to improve the way we run our business.

“We would recommend Assignar to anyone who wants to have their team all on the same page and organized.” Bailey Matthews, Director of Operations

We’re on our way to doubling our revenue from 2018 and Assignar has made it easier for us along the way. We really feel that our success is due to our three-pronged approach: People, Process, and Tools.

“I am proud to be an Assignar customer because we are doing things the right way. We are a small business trying to grow into a big company. Assignar fills that third leg of the stool for us.” Rich Clubine, Owner

Assignar and Our Team

Implementing Assignar to our business was an easy transition and process. We held a workshop with all our technical team members, then our WHS Coordinator further taught the crew how the use the app through one-on-one sessions. There has been a positive reaction to Assignar, as it aligns with our innovative business culture. There is a positive vibe about it. Everybody has got onboard and think moving to digital is a good move. It’s the direction the world is going and they have been able to embrace it.

As innovators in the industry, we create and work with a lot of unique worker safety systems. The Assignar team has been very helpful in ensuring that the platform can cater to the high standards of safety we uphold at DPW Plant Hire. Our WHS Coordinator, always speaks highly of the work our Assignar Customer Success Manager has done to help us achieve the outcomes we want from the platform.

“Assignar has proven to be a very good product for our business.”

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