Aaction Traffic: Moving to a Digital Solution

Updated on September 26th, 2022

Aaction Traffic provides traffic control for Brisbane Metropolitan areas and throughout South East Queensland. With certified trained personnel in Traffic Management Design, they can provide a fast response to emergency call-outs. Aaction Traffic prides itself in providing a safe working environment for clients and traffic controllers and they have comprehensive OH&S policies. Aaction Traffic is committed to running safe and extremely efficient business operations. Their early adoption of technology from operations to accounting systems sets them apart from their competition.

moving to a Cloud-based tech stack

In 2018, Paul Kelly joined Aaction Traffic as the Managing Director and one of the first things he looked at were the systems supporting their business operations.

The previous companies I worked at used a different digital solution and that system was more advanced than Aaction Traffic’s processes at the time but I wanted to bring Aaction Traffic 100x further than those companies. That is when I came across Assignar. They were very active in the TMAA, they were at all the conferences and multiple TMAA board members were using it in their traffic management businesses. It was also important for me to align with a TMAA member, and there were only two at the time. Our team evaluated the two systems and determined that Assignar was the better of the two options”.

More and more traffic management businesses are moving towards digital solutions to run their operations, Paul shared his insights into why not only Aaction Traffic but many industry leaders are making the transition. Specifically, “manual processes cost money due to error. Also, manual processes take more employees which is a cost to the business that you may not necessarily need to have. You can reallocate those employees to other parts of the business or restructure them accordingly. Clients like digital solutions because they can have documents straight away such as our digital docket in Assignar, where as soon as the traffic controller hits submit, the client can have a copy straight in their email. As opposed to having a paper docket thrown in the glove box that later needs to be chased around. There is also the morale and harmony of the traffic controllers knowing that their pays are correct and they don’t need to chase up our team for a missing daily fare or incorrect penalty rate.”

Aaction Traffic was not only adamant about a digital solution for their operations, but they also went cloud-based for the accounting system. Their Finance Manager Mala Wood shared that “our team is able to work from home because we have cloud-based systems supporting our business. We have Assignar for our operations and MYOB for our accounting. From a finance perspective, we use digital dockets in Assignar to assist with payroll and invoicing. We used to use paper dockets once upon a time but this has now been all digitised. With everything being on the cloud, we don’t need access to paper whatsoever, which makes it very easy and efficient for our team.”

forms, timesheets, & dockets

Under Paul’s leadership, Aaction Traffic transitioned from manual paper-based processes to digital. Jason McCluskey, Operations Manager at Aaction Traffic is a champion for tech adoption in the business and shared how he uses Assignar in his role. Sharing that, “we use Assignar for our forms, timesheets, dockets, and scheduling. Before Assignar our safety forms, timesheets, and dockets were paper-based. This brought the challenges of chasing up paperwork, human error, and illegible writing. Now with Assignar, all crucial job site information is accessible via the app. Our traffic controllers didn’t need to come to the yard to drop off their paperwork. They could get everything on their phone. From a scheduling perspective, we used to live in google sheets. All our jobs were on google sheets and our roster coordinator would send a text message out every day and wait for a reply from the traffic controller. With the Assignar platform, there is no need for the back and forth. It’s all done with a click of a button which makes the process so much easier. You can easily check on the scheduler who has declined shifts and who has accepted, so there is no need to chase them up which is great!”

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