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Dispatch crews and assets to multiple projects

Make sure your crews are at the right job site, at the right time, with the right resources and documents.

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No one will be sent back home

Track whether all workers have the right paperwork, so they are able to work on site. Make sure everyone on site is inducted, has the right equipment and knows what is expected of them.

Reduce phone calls and empower crews

Reduce phone calls with automated job confirmations and empower crews with the information they need. Your crews will look more professional and can focus on their core activities, building.

Combat labor shortage with efficiency

Utilise crews and assets more efficiently with the scheduling calendar, you’ll be able to bulk allocate resources to projects in order to decrease downtime for assets and crews.

Build and fulfill work orders with ease

Prepare for project requirements and schedule accordingly. Make sure all shifts are assigned and get instant insight into whether you have enough crews and assets available.

Schedule the right crews and assets at the right time

Assignar tracks compliance and quality requirements for every work order. Filter crews and assets by these requirements to always schedule the right resources to the right job. Go even more granular with custom tagging and worker experience tracking.

Receive Instant job confirmation

Crews receive jobs, including all the relevant documents, on their mobile devices. Site contacts, crew members and mandatory forms are all linked to digital job cards. Watch as your jobs get confirmed within seconds, saving you hundreds of phone calls per month.

“As rail projects have extremely complex planning and compliance requirements, knowing where our team is and that they are 100% supported every step of the way gives us great peace of mind.”

– Krystle, Martinus Rail


Bulk scheduling

Schedule multiple crews and assets at once.

Compliance notifications

Receive alerts and notifications to make sure everyone is compliant for the job.

Crew Availability

Workers can indicate on which days they work and will be blacked out in the schedule.


Import your subcontractors and schedule them on your projects as well.

Machinery requirements

Quickly select operators for the equipment that goes to the job site.

Custom tagging

Create custom tags for workers and assets to gain extra customisation for your schedule.

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