Take control of your business with connected datasets

Sub and self-perform contractors are turning towards digital solutions to collect and process their operations data. Growing and cross-functional teams need data-driven decisions for their time-critical activities. The challenge is how to create meaningful insights from all that data.

Assignar’s new analytics module has all the key metrics used to run your business available at your fingertips, on your choice of device and on the go.Perhaps you have implemented a digital system but still, feel like your data is siloed? Learn how to utilise the analytics module to connect multiple data sources.

Customisable dashboards with real-time data

Want more out of your dashboard? Use Assignar’s prebuilt dashboards to put your key metrics front and centre allowing you to view your data the way you prefer. Including pie charts, bar charts or heat maps. The analytics module provides the flexibility for you to analyse your data in real-time and check in on what matters for your business.

Don’t be siloed with your custom dashboard. Share your dashboard with your team by saving your look under group. Analytics allows you to save your report in whatever format suits your business, from pdf to .csv. Share your report through your dashboard to key stakeholders in whatever cadence your business runs on. If your reports are specific to your job you can save your report or dashboard as personal and control its distribution.

Connecting modules – allocations and timesheets

Many sub and self-perform contractors struggle to see the granular activities impacting the costs of their business. More often than not, they don’t know the daily costs of their workers out on-site and where their assets are sitting idle until after a project is complete.
Get the visibility into costs by connecting key data sources – allocations and timesheets. In Operational Intelligence you can cross-reference the resources allocated against the timesheets submitted. You can go as granular as you want. Segment data by client or project for more specific results.

Not sure where to start, despite knowing the metrics you want? The analytics module is set up for your success. The module has pre-built reports and dashboards based on industry insights. Save time by modifying templates and adding in the metrics unique to your business operations.

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